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Incorporate comments and make a list of tips for a specific problem, these are some of the tips to make the content you publish on social networks attractive.
It is not enough to have accounts on Blogger, Facebook, or Twitter to spread , Content Writing on the Internet, since you have to look at the quality of it and if this is attractive information for readers. This will position you as an influential blogger or tweeter.
The iTechleadz Digital Marketing Agency, provides the following recommendations so that the , Content Writing you publish on social networks and your blog is addictive for readers.
The reviews of books, products, or applications for the industry that you publish will allow your readers to save time in the search for that information. Likewise, you will help companies and people, whose products you are sharing on the network, to accelerate their expansion and improve their virality.
2. List of tips
You can also make a list of tactics or strategies to solve a problem. This method will make you a reference for others on certain topics.
3. Manual
With this, you can deliver answers to the daily problems of users. For example, how to write an attractive tweet or how to be more influential on Twitter.
4. Interviews with experts and opinion leaders
With this, you achieve two objectives, provide quality , Content Writing to your readers, and promote and connect their blogs with your networks.
5. Case studies
These reports show that if a strategy is planned and applied correctly, it works. This can be accompanied by examples of successful cases from other companies.
6. Negative stories
Believe it or not, a negative headline attracts more readers than a positive one.
7. Facts, figures, and statistics
People value numbers and if you incorporate them into your content, more readers will follow you. In this way, your blog or social networks will be positioned in the first place.
8. News
This type of information is always attractive and valuable content for readers and they will share it with others.
9. Research
The studies offer indicators for future planning, validate and give credibility to the strategies, so it will be of great help to those who seek guidance.
10. Infographic
It simplifies the presentation of complex facts and figures, so you can explain your content with this type of graph.
If you incorporate these tips, your content will be much more attractive to those who follow you on your blog, Facebook or Twitter and they will be in charge of spreading it on their accounts. Even though consumer communication habits have evolved with the growing popularity of social media and smartphones, brands continue to turn to their trusted friend, email, to attract and retain customers and increase Their profits.
However, the number of visitors to web-based email sites fell 6% in 2010, according to a report by digital analytics company ComScore.
In response to these changes, brands are rapidly adapting by combining email, social media, and even mobile marketing tactics. For More Information Visit Us at iTechleadz Digital Marketing Agency.

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