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Welcome to new blog, I hope you all are doing absolutely great. But is your business also doing so? well you might have a positive or negative answer but this blog can surely help you no matter where you stand today.

If you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned marketer, follow these steps and this will help you gain the traction and eventually fortune.

D2C Marketing

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Step 1: Be The Spy.

With channels I mean where your target audience is spending their time? Is it social media, blogs, forums, etc. You need to identify what are hangouts of your target customer.

Step 2 : Better Know It.

Now I would suggest you to go through videos and blog posts that dive deeper into explaining marketing on these channels. Try studying as much as you can and analyze what is working and what is not.

Step 3 : Bullseye.

Set a goal for your brand on what you want to accomplish. your content should be able to reflect your goals.

Step 5 : Measure Relevancy.

You should be very clear on what you have to measure. Is it the click through rate, followers, etc. Having clear goal and then metrics can really be helpful in measuring success of your campaigns.

Step 6 : Say “HI” Daily.

HI does not mean just HI, it means consistency. Consistency matters a lot when it comes to rocking marketing campaigns. If you need results then you will need to do efforts consistently.

Step 7: Content And Not Salesperson.

Keep your audience engaged through your post. Your posts should not sound like a salesperson who pops up in news feed. Creating engaging content will help grow because people will be coming across your posts and would love to see more from you.

Step 8 : The Rule Of 7.

Trust is most important factor when it comes to selling. Establishing trust by working with influencers can help create brand awareness. You might know whenever any individual comes across a brand 7 times then he might check it out or try to engage.

Step 9 : Build The Credibility.

Having credible testimonials can really help your brand move forward because when it comes to D2C, people really give a lot of importance to word of mouth, so make sure you don’t miss on that one.

Step 10 : Have Open Mind.

Take a look at what competitors are doing and be ready and open to try out different strategies. This might not sound great but doing it will help you know your audience better. Trying out new things will help you in long run.

Step 11 : Let Them Troll.

Yes, trolls are everywhere and letting them do their work will help you build an image. Try replying to your positive critiques on social media platforms positively. This will also help in maintaining image of the brand.

Step 12 : Be Sharp.

Things get trendy on social media quite quickly these days and make sure to not miss out on these. Many companies make sure to utilize opportunity of trend to smartly place and market their product.

Step 13 : Keep It Easy.

If social media is going to be your main target then every post of yours should not be the the ultimate guide. Keep it simple and smart. Visit Boat India Facebook page. They have some amazing one liners and these help grab attention as well helps accomplish your goal.

Step 14 : Don’t Build Followers.

Yes, you read it right, don’t build followers who just like to see your post. Try building loyal community who can vouch for you and stand in your defense against trolls or critiques. This is something you will need to learn to do but it will be worth it.

Step 15 : Add Professionalism.

Get It Done Professionally. It will be worth it as approaching every trend with creativity and handling trolls is quite of a professional task. So let those handle it who know to do it.

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Well this was it for today’s blog I hope you liked it and if you did don’t forget to applaud and share.

Thank You So Much For Reading.

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