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Your social media post isn’t a strategy.

Hang on a minute and stay with me before you dismiss this idea.

According to Socio Pilot, there’s an astounding 2 million posts, articles, and videos published on LinkedIn every day.

Mind-blowing right?

Never in the history of humankind has there been such information overload at a click of a button.

If you have the content muscle to ensure you’re on top of the game with your community, which you must have for your business, it’s easy to get carried away with doing all the content calendars, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Have you for a minute stopped to consider what exactly is your strategy and how your social media plays into it?

At this point, I’m not talking about the social media sites you want to dominate or talking about your content pillars.

I’m talking about your brand strategy.

You see, I’ve been guilty of this. Getting caught up with executing campaign after campaign, and before you know it, the year is over.

Only for you to return to your annual strategy, Lo & behold, you’re way off from where you intended to be.

So here are a few quick pointers of what you need to consider before you develop this month’s content calendar:

1. Brand Vision:

Picture this would you get into a car and start driving without knowing where you’re going? Exactly! You wouldn’t. That’s the same reason why you can’t hire an agency or a social media manager; give them your business social media handles and then set them free. Yes, they’ll post content, but will it move the needle for your business? All your marketing efforts online or offline should be aligned, at least most of it, because you know how marketers get sidetracked with all kinds of requests.

2. Marketing Goal:

Whether you’re looking to introduce new products & services, for Strategic partnerships, to grow market share, further market penetration, the list is endless; your marketing goal needs to be clear and well-aligned to the commercial objectives.

This seems like marketing 101, but honestly, we forget to apply these basics when dealing with posting daily on socials and even worse when your agency partner just doesn’t get your business well enough to bring your vision to life online.

Ultimately your social media efforts need to be assisting in driving business growth.

3. Awareness:

Are you aware of the trends in social media. What new apps are out? What content formats are trending? What’s your competition’s content pillars? What areas do you and the team need to upskill? It’s easy to put your blinders on and focus on the work you’re doing in the business.

But, you have to stay informed about the general industry insights. You’ll argue you have no time, but I wager you have at least 45 mins a day to brush through global marketing insights.

You and I know the digital marketing space is too competitive for you to drop the ball. Check whether the post you’ve put up is in a format that is upto date. It doesn’t have to be trendy, BUT it needs to be updated.

4. Tactics:

Some of the most effective social media initiatives are best done within a marketing campaign context. A marketing campaign gives you the discipline to have defined metrics, messaging and execution plans in place. That way, when you post something, it’s within the context of a bigger plan. So question to ask yourself does your post fall within a specific campaign, or is it a filler post? Filler posts are OK, as long as you’re aware and are being intentional about it.

I usually see two things happening a lot. Haphazardly posting on socials and thinking you’re active on social media. Or not having anything to post because we’ll you don’t think there’s anything much to share.

During such moments, your overall marketing strategy will hold you accountable as to whether you’re strategically using your corporate sites. Be it to attract ideal clients or convey the right brand image stay focussed on social media.

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