4 Tips to help grow a social media account | by Ben Shaw | Oct, 2021

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Ben Shaw

So, you’re wanting to get into social media maybe for personal use or… business use. You’re wanting to let people know more about you and your business however you are not sure how to grow your following.

Firstly, you want to create a good design for your social media account, make sure it is visually pleasing before you start anything else. Some ways of doing this may be to find a catchy profile picture, try and get a username which is catchy and possible customers will remember easily and finally have a well written bio with interesting things about you or your business as it will encourage people with similar interests to follow you.

Growing audience

My second tips for growing a social media account would be to look at others for inspiration, for example if you were wanting to create a social media account based around football look for other football accounts which have a large following and try to incorporate different aspects of their pages, maybe their bio has something yours doesn’t, maybe they have a website linked to their page or maybe yours looks too similar which may be bad, you want to keep it unique while still using competitors or other influencers information to your benefit.

My final tip to grow would be to stay consistent, it is one of the very few things people realise when starting a social media account, if you post once a week people will get bored of waiting for you to post and you will lose valuable engagements. If you post every day for example then more people will see it and over time you will gain more followers, alongside posting as much as you can you can use social media time charts to find the best times to post in different countries.

For example this picture shows twitter global engagement, you would preferably want to post when their is highest engagement, so in this case on twitter around 10am on Wednesday is optimal time however you can figure optimal time out by posting at different times and recording your highest engagement.

My last tip for social media growth would be to use hashtags, these let people form around the world interact with your posts really easily and you can start your own unique hashtag which can get people involve with your business or personal life throughout it’s growth.

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