5 Best Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement in 2021. | by Naman Jha | Oct, 2021

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Naman Jha

Whether it’s a personal page or any brand’s Facebook Page. Starting the Facebook Page is as easy as it seems difficult to grow and engage more audience.

If followed properly it is easy to gain more engagement on your Facebook Page and yes you get more reach and likes too.

According to my research and personal experience below are the 5 best ways to increase your Facebook Page Engagement in 2021.

  • Engage your audience and peers
  • Share curated content
  • Boost your top posts
  • Experiment with new content
  • Creat a linked Facebook Group

We all love to get those nice comment and likes whether it’s a brand or an individual person.

Commenting or replying to the reaction of your peers on their post makes them feel good.

You can follow good amount of people who have interest or the activity is overlapping with your business audience and comment or engage as much as you can on others post.

But always try not be a self promotional entity who always brags about their products in every comments of people’s post.

Be genuine and give reaction which is true and good. So in return they will definitely check out your posts.

It is not necessary that you always have to create well research content to share with your audience on your Facebook Page to increase or improve engagement. Instead sharing others content in your Facebook Page will help them to gain more industry insight and that will make you authorized domain in your business.

Your top-performing Facebook posts is social proof that how particular those posts are worth engaging with.

With just a daily budget of 30$, with the right ad targeting, you can get a good amount of engagement on your already most engaged content plus you can also get new audiences who might be interested in the content you share or maybe in your products or services you sell.

Experimenting with a new concept for content creation should be in your gene if you want to get lucky someday.

As we know a few years back images played the card in content marketing, fast forward and here we are in 2021, where getting a billion views on videos is a norm.

Brands who were early adapters or had started video marketing very early have benefited more than those who started after a trend has already settled in the market.

Having a linked Facebook group with your Facebook page can add more value to your brand’s profile.

If you have linked an active Facebook group with your Facebook page you get the benefits in several ways;

More Awareness – As your Facebook Group members engage with one another in your Facebook Group, they likely have your brand at the top of their mind. You can also post and comment with your Facebook Page. All these might encourage your members to check out your Facebook Page.

Facebook Algorithm Boost – This is purely a guess. Since your Facebook Group is linked to your Facebook Page, engagement in your Facebook Group might influence how your Facebook Page posts rank on your member’s News Feed.

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What are some tactics you have tried and have been working (or not) for you? What are some of the tactics you would like to try going forward?

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