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What you’re about to read is a simple idea that’s worth thousands of dollars. Others have tested it and are using it every day. It’s prime time; you take it.

In this easy-to-do manual, you’ll learn how to turn your hard-earned traffic into leads, sales, or customers.

Did you know YouTube is among the top search engines? Statistics show it receives 122 million YouTube users per day.

With the YouTube channel taking over the marketplace, this is the best way to go. You’ll grow your business and command a strong entrepreneur bent.

75% of well-established and small business owners turn to conversion rate optimization. It helps them increase their return on investment.

But how do they go about it?

Well, with this ultimate guide, they convert leads.

And you’re not an exception if you take action.

How? By using the exact techniques, I’m about to share with you here.

Carmine Mastropiero, a freelance copywriter, once explained feature versus benefits and said;

Features are solid pieces of information.

They need to be known, but they’re not very sexy.

Benefits are emotions and experiences the customer will gain from using your product.

That’s said,

Using the right keywords drives your focus on the client’s emotions.

That’s why,

optimizing your existing or new content with the right keywords attracts more views.

You can use online tools like Ah refs YouTube keyword tool. It generates thousands of relevant keywords.

What areas should you optimize?

  • Keywords
  • Titles and subtitles
  • Tags
  • Descriptive text
  • Thumbnail slides

These keywords should appear in your titles, tags, and descriptive texts. That’s how you capture YouTube viewers’ interests.

You can also create thumbnail pop-up slides with an image or text. You let your viewers know what your content is all about. The more detailed, the more accommodating they’ll be.

The best thing about this idea, your viewers will see other videos on your channel and know what you’re doing.

Thumbnail slides with each text for a video can also create brand awareness. If it matches their expectation, converting into longtime subscribers or buyers is easy.

Remember, the brand should match the viewers’ expectations and not yours.

When adding thumbnails, ensure the text is on the left. Playlists cover the right side, hence masking your text if put on the right side.

You are showing off your products as a welcome note.

Get this right,

When displaying the products, show what viewers expect from the products.

I read a book by Professor Gerald Zaltman called;

‘How Customer Think: Essential Insights into the Mind of the Market,

It states that 95% of every successful transaction is emotional.

It should lead the client to want the outcome; since it’s attached to their desires.

You can add a relevant video that will match your content.

Other YouTubers add a playlist that fits the category.

How can you add a playlist?

Timestamps are also helpful when posting longer videos, like webinars or how-to guides. They take viewers to the exact point they want. And with captions, they’ll navigate without wasting time.

Video descriptions act as Meta descriptions on search engines.

Your videos need to appear alongside other channels of the same category. So, include current search words or corresponding keywords in the descriptive text.

• Channel descriptions

• Video descriptions

You can attract more views of your products. Ensure the first few lines resonate with your viewer’s needs and expectations.

Target their pain points while answering their queries. You capture their attention, hence converting into sales.

Simple to read descriptive texts with precise goals will always win.

I recommend hashtags anywhere in descriptive texts.

But remember to include;

  • The brand
  • Product name
  • Classification.

Do you want your videos to go viral? Eric Peters, senior marketing manager at HubSpot, has developed the best templates to help you.

You can download for free over ten customizable YouTube templates that are easy to use.

You can engage through images, GIFs, and texts.

They also read updates, watch on-demand videos or even dislike your post too.

If you’re selling products and need to know how they see them, engage your prospect here.

You’ll get honest reviews and know what’s working and not.

While engaging buyers, remember to answer queries and respond to their prompts.

How can you get my YouTube community tab?

If enabled, find it on the homepage by clicking the channel name.

And, can you enable the community tab on mobile?

Of course, yes.

All you need is an official YouTube app, then follow instructions like on the desktop.

You can get more info on how to get and use the community tab here.

See how well you engaged your YouTube viewers.

They loved your headline, yes.

They got hooked up in the videos, and expectations are high.

So, what’s next?

Call To Action!

You can tell them to subscribe, buy now, sign up for free, try a live demo, download your product page, and so forth.

Whether you’re a fashion designer or selling landing pages, let there be a call to action at some point.

Without an exciting call to action, you can’t turn YouTube viewers into sales. Your potential consumers need to know what to do next.

Using social handles on descriptive texts is a trigger for buyers. They crave to know more about the merchandise through social platforms.

Make it easy for them by sharing your social handles on descriptive texts or in the community tab.


It’s on these platforms that you get honest reviews of the products you’re selling.

You can add your CTA on strategic points to keep it in the mind of your prospects. Yet, insist on how they’re going to benefit and avoid overstuffing CTA.

Now, take this opportunity to improve your sales in your online business.

This guide includes all there is to turn potential traffic into sales, leads, and subscribers.

Use of simple SEO tips.

You join them within the YouTube community tab.

And you finally convert them with strong CTAs.

Are there other tips I’ve not mentioned?

Leave a comment below to let me know. Likewise, you can hire me to do the heavy lifting for you. You’ll sit back and watch your Return On Investment rise.

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