5 Ways To Market Your Business Without Relying On Instagram | by Avenue of Peace | Oct, 2021

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Were we even ready for IG/Facebook to crash?

I sure fucking wasn’t, but I wasn’t going to let it stress me out. I am up for the challenge!

I immediately dived head first into all the ways that I’ve marketed outside of social media when I decided to go on mini-hiatus’.

There’s so many ways to be successful without the conglomerate app, they just take a little bit more creativity and patience:

  1. Spider Web Marketing Strategy: I actually learned this from a friend who uses education as her financial outlet in the online space. The concept is pretty simple: You have content that you’ve created and you want to make sure that the piece can be linked to multiple different platforms/communication channels. You have a focal point (the web center) that all the content will inevitably lead back to. Ex. I write this blog and post it. I add a photo that I can use as a graphic cover image, I post the link with the design to Pinterest that links back to my blog. Those who found me on Pinterest, would also connect through the link in my bio, which has connections to my: Tiktok, other blog articles and my contact information. They can follow the web to one of those paths, which will inevitably lead them back to my blog and in contact with me. Depending on your goal, this strategy keeps you most connected to a variety of audiences in the online space and leads people to a central location of your choice (ex. 15 minute consultation, new product offering, email, course, etc.)
  1. Email Marketing: I honestly WISH I was more in-tune with this one because it’s EXTREMELY lucrative. This is one of those methods that you can use even when Instagram functions again because you can work with them in tandem. Email Marketing is pretty handy because you can send direct topics of discussion to a large group of people. Collecting addresses is also really functional when you have a freebie (that’s #3). You give something really valuable to your online community and link them (like the spider web method above) to joining your newsletter and you have potential clients right there! From then, you can build email sequences (a set of emails you send over the course of a period of time to help your community reach a particular outcome, i.e. “purchase this course now that you know what I’m offering!”) and continue to grow your community as you get testimonials and engagement via email. Here’s a course I took with Holisticism to get your started.
  2. Freebie: Essential for digital creators. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy either! It could be a 15-minute consultation (for my service providers) or a small PDF guide (for my product buiz owners). This freebie can be placed in the links section of your bio (think spider web) or at the end of a blog piece like this one. Having a freebie creates an incentive for your community to keep connecting in a deeper way to the work that you’re doing. Once they see the value in what you are providing for free, it’ll set the tone for future correspondence:)
  3. SEO: Okay, but why do they make this shit so complicated and esoteric? It’s not that deep. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the simplest of terms is making your titles basic so people can find them. You’re making your titles the thing people will type in naturally so YOUR content is (hopefully) the first thing they see. A good way to do this is with hashtags. Keyword tools are *alright* but I find that if you can find the most basic search queries to describe what you’re talking about, that’s the best way to come up with an *optimized* title. Ex. When I was looking to write this article, I had to find some of the methods that are most relevant for me to discuss. The articles that came to the top talked about: “promotion” “without social media” “top # of ways”. I took note of that, added my spin by focusing on the lack of Instagram and created a title with a similar read. The more you practice using SEO the easier it’ll be to see the way it works in content marketing.
  4. Create Consistently: Easier said than done, but keep. making. content. Choose a couple of platforms/websites and just start making things. Make high-quality and relevant content that will keep you connected to your audience and focused on the brand you’re elevating. The more content you create that aligns with your audience, the easier for your community to understand that you’re the one they should be interacting/working with.

So…are you ready to officially grieve Instagram or do you think it’s coming back?

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