6 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Local Marketing Team | by Erin Tamm | justQ Solutions | Oct, 2021

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Erin Tamm
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As a business in your community, the number one thing you want to do is thrive. Using cookie cutter marketing won’t get you there, as you need to make a specific impact on your local community and reach the correct people near you.

Reaching the correct people, also known as your target audience, can be tricky. Even if you know your community well, it can still be hard to do it alone. That’s where a local marketing team comes in to help!

Here are 6 reasons why you should work with a local marketing team:

To become a staple in your local community, you need to gear your content towards local interests, keywords, references, and challenges. Many people enjoy seeing local businesses do well and would likely support them if they felt they were a part of their community. Your local marketing team will gear campaigns towards your local community, including wording, phrasing, demographics, and graphic designs. For example, if you live in a more rural area surrounded by mountains, they will create graphic designs and content with images of places that look like your area, instead of city skylines or hot desert plains.

As your local marketing team lives in or near your area, they understand what demographics are around you and how to market towards them. Not only that, but with this information they can help you create a target audience of people you are trying to reach based on the demographic of your area. Having local insight on the demographics and people in your area can greatly help your marketing campaigns to make sure you are reaching your target audience.

Not only does your local marketing team have insight and know your local demographics, but they also have insight on what’s going on with social media within your community. There may be many different types of Facebook groups, forums, and events created by people in your community that can be used to your advantage. For example, there may be a Facebook group for moms in your area or local business networking events and groups to join. Knowing what’s going on with social media in your community can help you stay connected and be a game changer in your campaigns.

Working with other businesses or people can be rough when one side can’t make time for the other or you are on different sides of the country. Working with a local marketing team means that they are always there to answer your call or stop by your business to work with you. You’ll have a more personal connection with your marketing team due to the fact that they live in the same area as you and you can meet with them in person as needed.

Having a local marketing team means you’ll have connections with local media groups as well. Many local marketing teams work with local media groups for public relation needs. Although marketing and public relations are different, some of their goals overlap. Working with a local marketing team means you’ll be sure to have public relations as part of your marketing campaign to help you meet your goals.

Local marketing teams care greatly about your business’s growth and success, as they too are a local business trying to thrive. They understand the importance of small and local businesses, and care about their community as well. They want to see their local community grow and that includes businesses like yours. If you don’t grow and thrive, they don’t grow and thrive.

Need more reasons to hire a local marketing team (or buy local in general)? Check out Sustainable Connections and why you should buy local!

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