6 Skills and Traits you need in a great Community Manager | by Arturo Leal | Oct, 2021

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A social media community manager is responsible for molding the culture of the group and nurturing its members, so whoever does the job has to be a Swiss Army Knife. Here are some of the top skills and qualities your community manager needs to lead their group in no particular order.

  1. Curiosity

Everything changes all the time and that includes tech and social media. You need someone with the desire to keep up with those changes. Curiosity is the driving force that pushes them to learn about new developments and how to apply them. People that take the time to use what they learn stay ahead of the curve and find new and engaging ways to engage with group members. These people often adapt quicker because of their constantly developing skill set.

2. Analytical

You need someone with an analytical mind and will take the time to look at the insights. Platforms like Facebook groups give you an insights tab where your community manager can keep track of things like engagement, how many comments are posted, and how many new members are joining just to name a few. A community manager that can use these metrics to understand what the members connect with helps you grow the group.

3. Listening

Measuring and comparing statistics is important but so is listening to what your members are saying. Just because you have a post with high engagement does not mean it is positive. Your members will let you know what they like, don’t like, and want to learn about. Listening to you group can help you create content that your members want. Being active in your community will give you the biggest insight into what your community needs.

4. Passion

Your community manager needs to be passionate about their community and what its purpose is. A passionate person is going to want to engage with the group and be that positive influence that sets the example for the community to follow. A key part of connecting with someone is having those common interests and that connection is what keeps the community active.

5. Empathy

Empathy is about connecting with people which can be harder to pick up on the subtleties of a message with only text. Your community manager needs to connect with members and know why they want to be apart of the community. Members know the difference when you are just a name in the group and when your community genuinely cares about you and what you have to say. Make the effort to let your members know they are an important part of the community.

6. Communications skills

So, this one sounds pretty basic, but you have to be able to communicate with your community. Do you know how to get a conversation started? Do you use proper grammar? Do you know all the features of the platform you are on? Are you fluent in Memes? Yes memes, I carry conversations with only memes, and it is important to understand the context of those memes.

All of these skills and traits are important, and you might not find someone with all of them, you just need to work on being the best community manager for your group.

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