8 Key Tactics to Boost Your Social Media Strategy | by Caitlykdavis | Sep, 2021

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8 Key Tactics to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media, used to be so simple but now if you have goals to achieve on these platforms it takes a lot of effort, time, and patience. Getting a boost on social media can take from months to years and everyone waits for that one boost. Following the correct steps, you can make it happen faster.

To save you time, we’ve put together a list of some of the top social media tips and tactics to help maximize your social strategy and take it to the next level

When you’re busy running your business, it’s impossible to find time to be active on every social media outlet out there. Narrowing down your choice to just a select few platforms will allow you to focus your efforts and get the best return on your time investment.

Finding authentic influencers for your brand is important for building fruitful influencer marketing campaigns. There are various Influencers out there, at different tiers and specializing in diverse niches and categories. It is important to collaborate with the right set of Influencers. After all, you are investing your money, time, and efforts into running Influencer campaigns.

Keep track of your competitors via social media sites, what strategies they are working on, how they handle criticism, what strategies are working for them, etc.

And not just the stats mentioned above but also on their social media stats. with the help of FollowerAudit — Twitter followers tracking tool you will be able to track your competitors followers and get detailed insights into it like followers growth rate, unfollowers, most influential followers, and much more.

To attract more audiences that are much more relatable look for popular articles in your niche, most viewed content by your competitors, and recreate the content for you in your different style and more good quality and informative.

When you use relevant hashtags (#) in your social media posts, people who are searching for those keywords can find your tweets and posts, and can potentially follow you.

Unfortunately, if you use the WRONG hashtags, your marketing won’t be nearly as effective. This is why it is much more important to use the most relevant hashtags.

Question sites like Quora can help when trying to establish what the most common questions are around your key topics or products. You can also use Google Suggest for this — when you enter terms into Google, the search engine will suggest various, commonly used search phrases based on the terms you’ve entered. These suggestions can be a good insight into the questions being most commonly asked around your industry.

Your content will be a key element of your social presence, and it’s important to have a content schedule set out in order to build a consistent dialogue with your audience. If people expect you to send out a new weekly newsletter or post, they can build that into their reading plans — that sort of consistency builds an expectation of reliability, and will strengthen your brand as a result.

Another crucial element is to understand what you’re using social media for. For most, your efforts will focus on one of three areas — sales, loyalty or awareness. Focus on which of these goals you’re seeking to achieve with each process, then align your content and social efforts with that goal. There’s no point in building followers and likes if you have no further goal in mind — having a set focus and plan will help you remain consistent in your efforts and build towards the target.

Follow these steps and you’ll get a better understanding of how social media works, how your competitors and partners are utilizing the platforms, and what your audience expects from your brand via tweets and posts.

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