A Newbie in the World of Marketing | by Suna Bayraktaroglu | Oct, 2021

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Suna Bayraktaroglu

As a political science and international relations major, deciding to go into marketing and business was a massive change for me and my set routine. When I first set my mind to take a step into a whole new industry, the environment scared me and shook me to my bones. I knew absolutely nothing about it.

My first steps were to take some online courses to understand the basics of marketing, how the market worked, how digital marketing was the new classic and how this competitive arena had no place for people with no motivation to grind. After all, you snooze, and you lose! The world of marketing and the trends that come along with it change at such an insane pace that it is so easy to get lost in all of this storm.

My first internship as a newbie marketing intern was with an environmentalist company based on stocks and bonds. Even though it excited me and gave me the will to learn, learn and learn, I knew there were other specialities out there that would be THE perfect match for me.

I spent days on LinkedIn applying to online internships as the pandemic was still at its peak and came across a creative digital agency called BasicBuzz. After my application and interview process, I started my internship as a social media marketing executive with the brand and fell in love with the concept of digital marketing. Every day I spent with the company made me learn something new and made me better than the previous day. I have learned from social media agenda scheduling, time management, getting creative to website analyses, being a team player, and individually progressing. I am still learning so much from the company.

Being a university student in her final year is already a complex task to overcome. The uncertainty of what was going to come; next, the clash of going for a masters degree or starting work was bugging me so much up until I started my internship. It gave me a clear vision and path, and I knew I wanted to go into social media marketing and eventually set up my skincare and makeup company. When I mentioned this to my employer at BasicBuzz, he knew exactly what I wanted to do, “Like Huda Beauty?” he asked. The fact that he understood my vision and goals and pushed me towards doing better at those tasks makes me feel comfortable and in line with my future.

During my internship, he made me and the other interns take exams, do online courses to understand our professions better, treated us as equals and celebrate our victories with us. I feel so lucky to start my journey with an understanding and professional yet so friendly boss. As an idealist, I always thought whatever outcome I put out first should be perfect and there was no place for errors. My time with BasicBuzz taught me that it is okay to have mistakes and learn from them as it is a part of your growth and learning process. Whatever I have learned from my internship will be a plus for me when I get my first job, and I will only be putting progress on top of it from now on.

I stepped into this internship as a foreigner to the world of business and marketing. One who didn’t know how communication strategies, brand and marketing integration, business development, building professional relationships, content or digital marketing, SEO, growth marketing or management worked. However, I will be leaving as an experienced junior who now knows where to start and how to plan for the future. If one day, my goal of stepping up a skincare and makeup line succeeds, I know who I will be thanking first.

I will be looking forward to the next opportunity once I say farewell to BasicBuzz after my internship ends, it has been a good ride. Many more to come!

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