Addiction to Meth & Fentanyl

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Both short and long-term effects of Meth use are often severe.  When the drug is taken in small doses, meth can result in increased blood pressure, erratic behavior, an increase in wakefulness, and an irregular heartbeat.  The long-term effects of abuse of Meth are many and severe.  In addition to developing physical and psychological dependences, people use meth chronically often develop issues with anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations.

The drug can lead people to engage in violent outbursts and act erratically.  If you have been abusing meth, it is important that you seek help from professionals.  If untreated, meth abuse results in a range of irreversible issues.

Withdrawal symptoms

The physical symptoms from meth withdrawal are not usually life-threatening, but the psychological effects can lead to serious problems such as suicidal ideation and chronic panic attacks when they are untreated.

Symptoms of withdrawal while doing a Meth detox usually peak in the first 72 hours of cessation and can last for up to two weeks depending on how much meth has been used, and for how long.

Medication-assisted meth detox done in a supervised environment can help to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal and provide an environment that is safe and comfortable.

Is Meth detox necessary?

With meth abuse, a professionally monitored detox is a crucial first step towards recovery.  While physical symptoms are easily treated with over-the-counter medications, the psychological effects are often severe unless they are properly addressed.  When people attempt to quit meth cold-turkey in their homes, they are at massive risk of relapse before the process is finished.  This is because meth leads to severe drug cravings which are not easily shaken.

Meth detox options


  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Studies show that a combination of naltrexone, modafinil, and bupropion can alleviate the severe symptoms which are associated with meth withdrawal.
  • Holistic treatment. MAT can be combined with a holistic methodology to provide the most comprehensive care which is possible.  Holistic treatments include yoga therapy, acupuncture, meditation, and massage therapy.  These approaches can assist mind-body healing while reducing cravings.
  • Intensive behavioral therapy. Therapy is a vital part of recovery from meth addiction and should be at the backbone of every stage of the process of recovery.


Using Meth and Fentanyl

Often, users of meth begin using opioids like Fentanyl to come down from the meth they have been using.  After a few days binge, it can be very difficult for users to sleep, and they are frequently faced with dealing with extreme psychological issues.  Fentanyl can help these users to “come down”, and therefore be able to relax and sleep.

Meth and Fentanyl are often found in the same locations, so a user might not even be intending to take Fentanyl, but has lost their inhibitions due to Meth, and decides to try the drug just because “it is there”.

This, unfortunately, is just creating another problem.  Users who do this often become addicted to Fentanyl itself, which has its own withdrawal profile.  Not only this, but the use of meth and Fentanyl together can prove deadly, as the body is unsure of what to do.

The use is particularly dangerous as often both drugs are used at the same time, but users cannot feel the effects of the fentanyl as they are being masked by the meth.  Once the meth wears off, the effects of heroin are felt in the body fully and can cause the users to die of an overdose.

If you do not wish for this to happen to you or a loved one, you should not delay in going through a Fentanyl detox.  As with a Meth detox, you should not attempt this by yourself.  Consult the help of medically trained professionals who can guide you through the Fentanyl detox process.

While the number of people who die from fentanyl overdoses each year is shocking, and only rising, the percentage of users who die from a combination of meth and fentanyl is even higher, because of the process which is outlined above.

When in a detox facility, medical staff are able to provide you with the MAT which you require to have a safe and comfortable detox, whether you are detoxing from Meth, Fentanyl, or a combination of the two.  The most important thing is that you get the help that you need and are able to go on to live and happy and fulfilling life, something which is possible once you have started on the path to recovery.

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