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From chess-playing computer to self driving vehicles artificial intelligence in robotics is progressing rapidly and touching every aspect of our lives. Also in our daily applications in the form of Apple’s Siri, Windows’s Cortana, Google’s Ok Google, and no matter what’s your situation, Google maps has your back to help you navigate and explore as safely as possible.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a computer program that mainly focuses on the development and analysis of algorithm which in other words means that AI is a computer program that is capable of creating a machine having its own intelligence and behavior otherwise require human intelligence.


Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with physical robots and robots are the machines capable of sensing and interacting with its environment.

Artificially intelligent robots are the bridge between ‘robotics’ and ‘artificial intelligence’. These are the robots that are controlled by AI programs. As we can see robots and artificial intelligent are really 2 separate thing. Robotics involve building robots physically, where as AI involves programming intelligence.

As we know that robots can be able to identify and recognize objects with the help of computer vision. They help to accomplish more work in less time. Nowadays, robots are becoming smarter and more efficient with the help of computer science; SOPHIA, a humanoid robot, invented by HANSON robotics Saudi Arabia, is a very good invention in technological field. She can efficiently communicate with natural language and use facial expression to convey human like emotions. It has also got citizenship of Saudi Arabia and the purpose of this invention is to help people in real world uses like medicines, education and also to serve AI research. With little modification in features, India has Manav-3D printed humanoid robot and its main purpose in research, education and entertainment.

Sophia Robot with facial expression specification

AI Robots, these days are not only restricted to mechanical and electronics domain they can be seen in space too, for fetching clues based on existence of celestial bodies, life on other planets. Example for this is CIMON(Crew Interactive Mobile Companion)-first AI enabled robot in space. This technology support astronauts and increase the efficiency the efficiency of their work and it’s also able to explain information and instructions for scientific experiments and repair.

We have come across so many robots with or without AI powered working for the betterment of people lives across the world. For instance, it boosts economy because robots can do jobs better and faster. They can even be used for research work.

Like Sophia, Manav, Roomba 980-A Vacuum cleaning robot, there are still so many AI robots which help in the field of healthcare, gaming, military etc. And today we can detect cancer cells using AI robots , isn’t it a good thing. Today we should thank the brains behind AI robots also we are fortunate enough to be living our lives in this more enhanced technological world. Also research is going on to bring cheap, social and intelligent robots in AI field.

Finally we can say that AI made so much difference in these years. We probably expect lot of new innovations and changes in upcoming days.

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