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At-home acne treatments can range from the straight do-it-yourself approach of mixing up your own teas or buying a mixture of herbal tinctures or supplements. Or they can be as simple as following a natural herbal acne treatment like this one that’s already prepared

The advantage of using an acne treatment that’s pre-prepared, is, of course, you get the benefits of considerable expertise in what works, and in which quantities.

Any at-home acne treatments need to address the internal factors that are involved with acne, not just applying face washes or other topical treatments.

Generally, these herbs are recommended for at-home acne treatments, as teas, tinctures, or other internal preparations. But you are welcome to try them as poultices or apply the cold tea as a face wash. Generally, the teas/herbs are taken internally to clear the blood and lymphatic system of toxins or imbalances.

How to make a poultice:

Crush fresh herbs and apply straight to the skin, holding in place with a bandage

Which herbs might be used in at-home acne treatments?

· elderflowers prepared as a tea with mint and yarrow blossoms (equal parts all three)

· burdock as a tea or internally

· sassafras tea

· echinacea

· yellow dock

· bupleurum

· red clover

· sarsparilla

· figwort

You can mix these as well. Herbalists often do.

Recommended vitamins and supplements to support at home acne treatments

linoleic acid — People with acne are often deficient in linoleic acid.

zinc — helps with wound healing, the immune system, and preventing scarring.

vitamin c — good for the immune system and the tissues

multivitamin with RDA of b complex — too much of the b vitamins is not good but neither is too little. If you take a good multivitamin you should be covered. The b vitamins are important co-enzymes in a lot of the body’s processes, as well as helping with stress (which is often associated with acne).

The herbs and vitamins used in these at-home acne treatments can be obtained here. This supplier has very high quality, competitively priced supplements, and teas.

This home acne treatment has been more effective for many customers than the expensive treatments they bought from the dermatologist. The husband of Adrienne, a cystic acne sufferer, commented how he was (happily) no longer paying her dermatologist’s rent. She, however, seemed more pleased with what he had to say about the way she looked: “wow, your skin does look better”.

Adrienne goes on to say:

“I love your product and find comfort in treating myself internally first, and what I feel is balancing my system which my acne seems to greatly benefit from where nothing has ever touched upon that. I find the continuation of your product is a continuation of better self-esteem and positivity in general.”

All parts of this very simple system are clearly explained, so you are involved in your own treatment. And individual acne products can be ordered separately, which is a great way of trying the system out without spending too much money. The acne treatment works best as a whole, but we each steer the course of our own ‘acne treatment ship’ differently, so there’s flexibility built into the system

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