Binge-Watching And Your Health. the problem, we do not see as problem… | by Mir Hassan | Oct, 2021

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the problem, we do not see as problem. is the real problem.

Mir Hassan

In 2018 a research exposed that 73% of the young audience of America aged 18–29 years binge-watch at least once a week. We all spend hours of our lives watching our favorite tv series’ when we do not have anything else to do or feel bored. When it would be called binge-watching?

Watching somewhere 2 to 6 episodes of television series in one sitting is called binge-watching. These serials are so influential that watchers remain unconscious about whatever is happening around them during this interval of time. They lose control over time and get involved in binge-watching.

That time was no more when people used watch-movies or drama series for entertainment purposes. They wanted to break their daily routine. But over the course of time, it immersed itself as a top trending fashion. Television industries are earning billions, and people are spending their time and money.

Sadly, we now discuss movies, serials, and their characters In our social gathering- these were actually meant to entertain people.

In the past, it was not aspected that this habit might become harmful to our health. However, slowly it is showing its actual color. Researches have concluded that screen time habits can lead to unhealthy eating patterns and many other health-related serious issues.

Moreover, you might develop the habit of binge-watching, which is very much likely to your goals, relationships, and commitments.

Let’s Delve A Little Bit Into History Of Binge-Watching

It all started with merely entertainment purposes. People have challenging routines throughout the whole week, their job, business. We do not want to take many responsibilities, but we have to; after all, we need some time to entertain ourselves to maintain the mood cycle. Otherwise, we might become habitual of negative mood, which obviously we do not want.

Entertainment was very much required throughout history, so the entertainment industries started increasing. People’s attachment with cinema, television, radio, theatre, and music grew fast, and show biz became an economic hub. The actual reason for watching tv show lost somewhere in time. We now watch to know more about modern cultures, to learn more about fashion and of course to kill time.

In the mid-1800s, during WWI, the word binge was used only for excessive drinking and eating. When people become more conscious about their health, they find that binge-watching is as dangerous as binge-eating and binge-drinking.

In somewhere 2003, the term binge-watching was first used, but it remained unknown and unidentified until 2012, when researchers revealed its dark side. A lot of researches has been done which unveils the harms we are friends with by binge-watching.

How Does Binge-Watching Affect Your Health

Over the course of time, people have become less social and accustomed to living in solitude. They often pay visits to friends and relatives. even their engagement in physical activities has also decreased. Like sports and morning walks, all the time they used to spend on these mind refreshing activities, they now devote binge-watching in their room on their couch, laying in the same position for hours. This might be entertaining for them. However, it is called Binge-watching addiction, which has so many physical and psychological harms, including sleeping problems, cardiovascular diseases, depression, behavioral addiction.

Also, when your body remains unmoved, it is more likely to change the order your body uses sugar and fat. It can also increase the risk of getting a blood clot. If it is in your leg, that could go to your lungs and block blood flow through your veins. It is known as pulmonary embolism.

Binge-watcher usually like to keep the screen close to their eyes; in that condition, Screen time more than your strength of eyes can easily harm your visual sense. Exceed the amount of screen time is likely to make your eyes dry and sore, and make your vision blurry.

No Physical Activity (Sedentary Lifestyle)

when you do not move your body for a long time, it will burn a more minuscule amount of calories than it needs to burn. Moreover, researches have shown. When you binge-watch, you are likely to consume more food than usual. The excessive amount of calories are stored as fat. Which will then lead to these health conditions. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many cardiovascular diseases.

Research conducted in 2020 comparing active sitting (computer work on the table) and non-active sitting ( television watching) found that non-active sitting is responsible for up to 25% higher body fat in the youngster.

Social Isolation

binge-watching for a significant period is likely to keep you isolated, which obviously makes you accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is a core to bring unwanted psychological conditions.

In the beginning, binge-watching might help to cut away from work and stressful routine; as a result, you might end up being binge-watching addicted. You will to spent most of the time in solitude and start losing your friends and social contacts. The more you binge-watch, the less social you will become.

Sleeping Problems

The researcher has found that there is a link between binge-watching and sleep. They have found that if someone watches multiple episodes of their favorite show consecutively, it may excite his/her brain. Even during sleep, your brain remains active and excited; this decreases your sleep quality during the night. And next morning, you will wake-up with a hangover.

Binge-watching is so addictive; when you see an episode of a show in the ending part of the episode, they often leave suspense. Every time you finish an episode you want to watch next, your curiosity increases with every episode. This delays your sleep. If you have done this 2–3 times a week, your sleeping pattern is affected.

Any disturbance in your sleep pattern affects the total order of your life, which includes eating, working etc.

Unhealthy Diet

Binge-watching affects your diet in three ways, firstly timing; when you engage in watching your favorite tv show, you often lose track of time, you eat whenever you feel hungry. Second, when you start eating without any schedule, you can not calculate how much you need and how much you have eaten. Third, when there is no time for eating, you will eat whatever you want, because you are hungry, you are unlikely to find healthy food any time. So unhealthy snacking is the only option.

Behavioral Addiction

Most of us think that addiction is merely dependent upon substances like alcohol, nicotine, and prescription medicines. But we know very little about behavioral addiction.

However, it is very much possible to develop addiction towards some behavior. It might be gambling, sex, or watching tv.

If one becomes obsessed with binge-watching, they will start losing interest in another thing and will state spending all day on the couch will indeed bring disaster to their health.

Subjective Cognitive Impairment (Sci)

Subjective Cognitive Impairment or subjective memory disorder is one of the main Psychological effects of binge-watching. In SCI, patients reports worsening their ability to remember things; they become less focused on whatever they are doing.

Studies have found that too much engagement binge-watching can damage your brain health by leading to a down cognitive decline road. When you are watching something on tv, your brain stays inactive. Whatever you see, your brain stores it as it is. Without any thinking, with time, your brain becomes used to remain idle. As a result, your concentration level descends, you cannot focus for a long time, and many other losses.

How To Stop Binge-Watching

We should never forget that tv serials are only entertainment; sometimes these are informative, though. It is better to use it to entertain yourself, or it can also be used to provide a break your mind from their challenging work.

The effects of binge-watching on students are worse than anybody else. Nevertheless, it can be used to motivate yourself to study more; you can use your favorite tv shows to reward yourself after completing some task. So it encourages you a lot next time.

It does not mean you do not have anything else to do, so you can watch tv all that time. There is a lot more positive stuff waiting for you to get engaged in. You must limit the time you spend watching tv.

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