Books are Dumb Marketing Tools for Any Online Business | by Lord of the Emails | Oct, 2021

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Lord of the Emails

Lord of the Emails

Most people think.

If they write books and start calling themselves – I am The Author of this book or I wrote that book.

Their clients n’ customers will take them and their online business, seriously.

But what they don’t know. They not only have to write a book (one of the most tedious work) but also have to put it, into the hands of enough people in the world to make it worth…

While also competiting hundreds of titles and categories that get published. Everyday.Every second.

In reality, Most books never get read and, thousand of authors die broke while scratching pennies.

Don’t be such. Build your online business on strong foundations like building a list and sending them email daily.

And then, when you see enough money commin’ in.

Then, it is ripe to work on your books as long as want.

Will talk more on email marketing and online sales in next post.

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