Budget Shouldn’t Decide Whether a Project is Engaging or Rewarding… | by Michael Wahl | Oct, 2021

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Organizations and teams need to have the ability to work inside the box. If you haven’t, that’s amazing, but one day you may have restrictions, it’s crucial to develop the ability to be creative and work within the restrictions.

Organizational management needs to know that teams understand and respect guardrails like budgets, and will often create amazing things with a low/small program/product or service budget. In my experience, it’s often been a test of leadership skills to see how one does, either make it or don’t. Those who do make it, are often rewarded with more complex work, which may or may not have a larger budget.

Today solution providers/architects and engineers have access to many free or inexpensive options that can be utilized, especially during the early stages of discovery teams should focus on using a team or organization’s existing assets to make a project great, even if it doesn’t have an enormous budget.

As with any lean approach/method, set proper expectations/boundaries understand the requirements and risks to be successful, and try to stay out of the weeds, navigate around, and not into the rabbit holes.

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