Business Marketing: How to Create and Execute an Impressive Content Plan | by Jan-Erik Lindblom | Sep, 2021

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Jan-Erik Lindblom

Are you looking to create an impressive, impact-driven, and achievable content plan for your business? One that is inspired by quality over quantity, and features the unique stories of your customers and the skills of your amazing team? Then welcome — this class is just for you!

I hope you’re ready to take action on your content plan and follow along with me using the tools I’ll be providing you with. Because if so, by the end of the class you can expect to have mastered how to:

  • Work backward from your wider business objectives
  • Identify the content pillars that will help you drive your content strategy
  • Feature the stories of your customers and team members to build your ‘know, like, and trust’ factor online
  • Plan a day full of creative flow for your team that allows everyone to feel valued and heard and helps you create an epic content plan for the upcoming quarter
  • Know when it’s time to create original content and when to curate from other sources to free up some of your creative time
  • Tap into some of my favourite online tools and resources for giving you endless content ideas for your business
  • Construct your impact-driven content plan and assign tasks and deadlines to your team to keep you on track
  • Automate your publishing process and develop effective systems to make sure you never feel overwhelmed by this process ever again!

And of course, if you have any questions throughout the class, please don’t hesitate to pop into the discussions section and ask away! I’ll be happy to support you in whatever way I can.

This is one of my favourite topics within the marketing world and I can’t wait to get started so thank you so much for being here and I will see you in class!

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Jan-Erik Lindblom

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