Case Study: Developing Dokita an Healthtech product that makes Basic healthcare accessible to people in Africa | by Adesina Samuel | Oct, 2021

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Accessibility and ease of use of health care services is still a major obstacle in Africa, and people still go through strenuous processes and spend so much time trying to achieve basic health processes, processes like Lab tests, booking health consultations both telehealth and physical, checks ups and paying for these services. These are basic health care processes that shouldn’t take time. Therefore my ambition was to develop a simple and intuitive User inter face and experience that could be used by either a Gen Z or a Millennial.

  1. A simple and intuitive user experience
  2. Reducing the time spent calling the hospital support
  3. Allow them pay for health services with ease
  4. A way for the users to track their appointments and a chance to reschedule them with ease.
  5. Allow Users to purchase drugs with ease

At the Beginning of the project I adopted a Non directed In-depth interview method, I used this method due to the fact that every one’s experience and goal at most hospitals were unique therefore i had to let them talk about their individual experiences and then collate the research results and dissect them according to their Pain points and their individual thought on how these processes could made easier for them , i.e Their proposed solution.

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