Changing horizons of Traditional Learning | by Medflix.App | Oct, 2021

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While countries around the globe were impacted differently by the Coronavirus pandemic, one thing was common — school/college closures and uncertainty about education. In India, a country with a student population of more than 3.4 crores, a lot of future assets were at stake!

Particularly in the medical field, where students and doctors were unable to attend in-person seminars & conferences — a crucial learning point for the medical fraternity but the gradual shift to virtual learning proved itself to be a boon. Yes, you read it right! A majority of doctors in India now feel comfortable with online delivery be it — webinars, conferences or CMEs according to a survey.


The concept of in-person education has evolved drastically. Being physically present in a room isn’t the only learning option anymore. Nowadays, people have access to quality learning anywhere and everywhere. We are presently in the midst of a new era: the online learning revolution. And this epoch is beneficial not just to student education but also to professionals who believe in continuous learning!

At Medflix, we’re constantly working towards building a robust platform for the medical fraternity to upskill through live discussions, surgeries, and quizzes from the top experts of the country. We’ve listed down some reasons to choose e-learning as the future of education:

1. Easily accessible: Now, teaching or learning can be done through any part of the world in a cost-effective manner. And medflix is closing the digital divide by enabling doctors and students from non-metropolitan areas to have access to Ivy league professors and experts.

2. Flexible: Online learning enables educators & learners to set their own learning pace. As a result, using an online educational platform allows for a better balance of work and studies. For medical professionals who can’t attend the live sessions, Medflix also provides the flexibility of watching the full recordings!

3. Offers a variety of learning options: Learners now have access to courses they wouldn’t normally choose traditionally. With just a stable internet connection, learning seems endless! At medflix, doctors and students can access live sessions covering a variety of topics and can start learning anywhere!

4. Makes Learning engaging: With the onset of online learning, educators can now make use of audio-visuals to enhance the learning experience. On Medflix, live surgeries, live polls, and videos keep the learners engaged!

These are only a handful of the benefits of online learning. As a medical student or a healthcare professional, it can be a useful learning method for sharpening skills in a difficult subject or learning a new set of skills.

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