Content Marketing and Scheduling on Social Media using Content Drip | by Daniel Ov | Sep, 2021

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Scheduling content on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can take hours depending on how much content you plan to schedule. A month long campaign, one post per day, on three social networks could take you anywhere from 3–5 minutes per post — lets say about 4 hours on the low end and 6 hours on the high end. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time engaging with your followers — your current and potential customers?

You may consider using — the fastest, easiest way to post your content so that you can focus on creating and engaging. With this platform, you can easily upload all of the content you wish to schedule at once and create a single campaign with your information. Continue reading below to see what the process is.

First, navigate to

Next, you’ll want to click on login. You’ll be given an option to sign up if you don’t already have account. If it’s your first time logging in, go to settings to connect your social media accounts. Add a social network profile. account settings

Once you’ve created a profile, you can connect your social accounts to it using the settings cog icon:

This will open up a new window for you to connect your social networks. You can connect Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Telegram. If you require additional help during this process, there is a step-by-step guide to assist you. I’ll skip the details here.

Once you’re finished, you’ll see your active accounts appear here. If you don’t, try refreshing the page:

Now that you have your social media accounts connected, you can upload your media in the media manager. Just click on media. You’ll be given an upload box, simply click to browse or drag and drop your images here.

In the example, I’m uploading 55 images. Additionally, you may also upload images from the campaign manager when you create a new campaign. Click on Campaigns in the navigation bar, and create a New Campaign. You’ll have several tabs with different options. In the first tab, define your campaign title, start date, how many posts you’ll like to publish each day, select your profile (which we created), and select which social networks you want to publish to.

Creating a new campaign

In the next tab, add your hashtags and post descriptions. You may add as many hashtags as your subscription plan will allow, which will be appended to your post description. Enable “auto-hashtag” if you’d wish to append trending hashtags to your post. Next, you may add post descriptions. Posts will be generated in the same order as you input them. Post #1 will be selected first, and so on. The “use morph” option can be enabled to rephrase your post descriptions using AI, and finally the level in which you want to modify your post using the AI.

Editing your post options

The media tab will give you all available media for your campaign. Each image will have individual icons to control which social network a particular image is being published to, giving you complete control. In the example below, I have a few images only enabled for a single social network.

Enabling your media by social network

In the last section, set scheduling options for your campaign. The service will schedule your posts between the start and end times on each enabled day. Use smart scheduling and will analyze the times of audience engagement and schedule your posts to match the peak engagement times.

Content Schedule & Optimization

Create optional watermarks for your images to add your website or copyright. This watermark would then be applied to all of your images for each of your posts. Click on the preview button to preview what your watermark would look like.

Watermark Options

In the advanced options, you can set your posts to auto-repost. Tag other Instagram users in your Instagram posts, and set the subreddits you which to post to. For reddit, you must be a mod of a subreddit with API permissions to post. It’s easy to create your own subreddit if you don’t have one, and you will be automatically given permissions to post there.

Advanced Options

Now that you’ve entered all of your campaign information, click the atom button to give a preview of how many posts you’ll be generating.

This campaign will create 208 unique posts across the 4 social networks I’ve set the media to go to. I also set this campaign to repost my content after 10 days, meaning each post will be posted again after that 10 day period. Bringing the total of posts to 416 posts.

Once your campaign has been created, you can see all of your posts in the Campaign Manager by clicking on the campaign you just created. Congratulations! By using you can create content marketing campaigns in a fast and easy way.

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