Diving into Modern Ways of Earning | by Kinza Sattar | Oct, 2021

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Kinza Sattar

Have ever heard of generating income would be even this much possible from your comfort zone? Freelancing is indeed one of the best source of generating income through work from home. From the flexibility of available timing to the extent of relieve of submitting work in a limited time span. Since COVID’19 pandemic left people unemployed and harden their lives, freelancing appeared as life saving for them who were living hand to mouth.

Freelancing does not require hard and fast skills to start work online. However, it needs people to understand the skills at what they are best in. People around the world are switching towards online work. For instance, in the USA, more than 57 million employees preferred to work online and become self-employed rather than working for any other company. Since the motivation behind this is that it brings them higher pay, cut down the travelling expense as well as sharpen their skills, improves work and personal life balance, job satisfaction and eager to learn more through working for different clients.

While referring toward social media, it is to be noted that it contains each platform where products can be marketed. Whereas, social media platforms not only used for only marking the product but for showing the availability to the potential customer, creating relationships to cater and target new customers while maintaining the relationship with the existing clients.

Nowadays, is one of the leading requirement which companies look for in potential candidates who can manage their multiple accounts on various platforms, updating their page and information timely, engaging clients through exciting offers as freelancing. Considering the fact that every other person is pro at using social media accounts but the job itself is a difficult one. One should who aim to work as freelancer need to understand every thick and thin of each social media platform along with its tools.

The usage of mobile phone is growing and the pace is quite impressive as compared to the old times. While in view of the fact, companies are now more excited to cater the requirements of the potential customers and attract new customers as well. The reason they require more people to buy phone and use their apps so that they can engage them through apps. According to the study people spend almost most of their day at using phone which gives companies more vibrant ideas to show availability of the services.

People who are expert at developing apps be it iOS or Android apps have more scope in future. All they need to learn about the certain languages which used for developing the apps few of them are Java, C++, swift coding. For developing the apps in both Android and iOS one should learn all these languages because of the reason that Android apps are created using Java and C++ while iOS apps are developed through swift coding.

Companies hire freelance employees for writing about their company, brand awareness, new product marketing as well as recognizing of their existing services. People are getting payed from the giant companies for writing about their product and availability to the clients. The source of writing about the company is to publish articles on various websites, magazines, creating social media content, exciting and new ideas, editing and proofread articles.

Working on improving the writing skills can bring more freelance work to the potential freelancers as it only requires to enhance the existing skill. People from the world are getting higher pay for writing. It also includes academic writing skills which are also in demand.

Graphic designing have ever been so important for companies to showcase their services through image and video-content. The value of this is at increasing pace since past decade. The companies strive to make a graphical representation of their product and service which remain shortened, does not include much time of people and sends the message content creatively.

Every business requirement and style is different therefore, their way of doing designs also varies. However, it is to be noted that top notched companies hire freelance graphic designers for their work. As they do not require them most of the time. It shows that graphic designing will always be in demand in future and considered as one of the highest paid skills also.

Copywriting is one of the tough yet highest paid job around the globe. Companies strive to achieve a catchphrase which represents their product as well as service in a short content. Copywriters do have authority to generate sales in no time as people attract toward unique and different content. Copywriters do have the audacity to play with the company’s profile while naming it with the distinguished catchphrase.

Let’s recall few of brand which are really common from decades and their products play a major role in our every day’s life Apple — Think Different, Coca Cola — Open Happiness, McDonald’s — I’m lovin’ it. Being a copywriter indeed requires courage to portray about the company as he company’s sales depend upon the slogan too. Hence, it is one of the highest paid freelancing job as it does not only requires them to pour some of the creative words but also to engage through drafts, blog posts, email, product descriptions, which urge the customer to purchase the product.

It is concluded that people are increasingly switching toward freelancing work than office based work. As its demand is increasing enormously day by day. People tend to become more self-employed and through this they earn more. Hence, skills which have discussed above are required by most of the top notch companies and are higher paid also. Therefore, people who bear such skills need to sharpen them as the future era is all about online working.

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