E-mail marketing is still the future-5 advantages | by Gero Gomez | Sep, 2021

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Email marketing is not a thing of the past. Every day we check our inboxes, it is estimated that 90% of people do it.
In such a connected world where everything goes through our phones, one of the best options is still email marketing.
Here is our selection of the top 5 advantages of working with this strategy. The last one is the best.

1 -It is easy to use and adaptable to any type of company.

Not because it is old is in the past, every month new software to carry out campaigns in the best possible way and adaptable to what the user needs. For example, if you are a small pet store or a metallurgical company that is growing, you will always find a way to get your message right to your customers.

2-Adapts to all types of campaigns

As we mentioned, it doesn’t matter your company, what matters is the campaign you want to run. If your company is a small one, you will be able to segment the types of clients and mainly those potential ones that will generate profits in the future.

3-It is totally immediate

Nowadays there are thousands of ways to do online marketing, and the bad thing about that is that none of those ways is as controllable as determining if the right message or advertisement reached a potential buyer. With email marketing automation you are the one in control. You decide what time you are going to send and you are in control of what is responded to if your approach is positive.

4- It’s easy to measure and cost effective

Since you are in control, you choose the amount of users you want to reach in pre-established percentages according to the amount of contacts you have. For example, once segmented, you choose the 5% or 20% you really want to reach. And this is the most important thing, a correct and successful marketing campaign will only cost a few dollars.

5- You will always be close to your customers

Think about it, if you want to sell something, and the potential customer is undecided, do you leave him to his fate or do you accompany him in the process of choice and final purchase? exactly, if you want to sell something and grow your business, email marketing is one of the most reliable options to start with. Never leave a customer alone, the market is aggressive, and in the blink of an eye, you can lose them.

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Email marketing is still the future.

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