Easy On Me: Adele’s Plea For Forgiveness | by Julius Bridgeforth | Oct, 2021

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Julius Bridgeforth

On the lead single of her upcoming album 30, the acclaimed songstress begs to be understood.

In her pair of Vogue interviews (UK and US) released last week, Adele mentions that her upcoming record — revealed to be titled 30 earlier this week, continuing the pattern of titling her albums after the ages she began crafting them — is ‘her album,’ one that feels particularly personal and specific to her current state of mind. She expounds upon this statement by stating that she felt guilt after the shifting of son Angelo’s life due to her 2020 divorce from Simon Konecki, whom she married just a year earlier after being together for several years prior. She doesn’t regret the split, but hates the idea of Angelo not seeing them together, happy and in love as mommy and daddy.

On the chorus of “Easy On Me,” her lead single from 30, Adele sings that “I was still a child, didn’t get the chance to feel the world around me,” inferring that she herself was learning as she went along through life, love, fame, and motherhood, asking for grace as navigates the best she knows how. Adele’s ‘Saturn Return’ is an underlying theme of 30, the time that is believed by astrologists to be the period where one’s life (between the ages of 27 to 32) is believed to brought to a reflective point due to the time period it takes Saturn to orbit around the sun and return to the place it was when you were born.

Listeners are likely to identify with the vulnerable lyrics, delivered in those unique Adele vocals. “Easy On Me” focuses on owning up to one’s shortcomings and embracing your flawed nature, which is an inevitable life lesson that takes a lot of work and humility, but results in priceless growth.

If 19, 21, and 25 taught us lessons in love and heartbreak, 30 looks to teach us how to lean into our shortcomings and be gentle with ourselves as we grow. And who better to guide us than the master of the heart, Adele?

30 is out worldwide November 30 and is available for pre-order now in a variety of digital and physical formats.

Listen to “Easy On Me” now.

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