Empower customer service with Artificial Intelligence | by Saltlux | Oct, 2021

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When people buy electronics such as vacuum cleaners, heaters, or refrigerators, people often get into trouble while they try to fix them or turn them on by themselves. During this process, people get frustrated and call customer service for help. And at that time, one of the things they hate the most is to hear a never-ending voice message telling you to wait for assistance. Solving those customers’ problems in a timely manner increases customer satisfaction and became a vital part of business operation. So far, organizations have relied on various technologies and platforms to be easily accessible, and it is natural for AI to become the new trend in creating a better consumer experience.

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Often traditional customer services lack prioritization in all the incoming customer queries. As such, sometimes important queries do not get answered on time, leaving customers on their own at the time of crisis. These limitations can tarnish your tireless efforts to deliver quality and value. Artificial Intelligence is the key to address these challenges. AI can respond to customers immediately, scale itself for incoming traffic, help or assist manual customer support executives, and prioritize incoming queries.

Furthermore, these queries can also be answered accurately with the help of AI. Natural language generation allows AI customer support to respond with automated text response or can revert with voice generation. All these processes can be directly supervised by your customer support representatives for assurance. It significantly reduces their efforts and helps them prioritize their attention where it’s actually needed.

AI will enable you to provide superior customer support and insights into customers’ interests or challenges. Therefore, adapting to AI will allow you to improve your offering and engagement, leading you to get higher profits eventually!

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