George Clooney says he won’t run for public office: ‘I want to have a good life.’ | by Entertainment Rank | Oct, 2021

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Matthew McConaughey may still be “considering” a candidacy for governor of Texas, but George Clooney is out. In a recent interview with Andrew Marr of the BBC, the outspoken Oscar winner ruled out the idea of standing for government in the future.

During an interview on The Andrew Marr Show, Clooney, who portrayed a politician in the 2011 film The Ides of March, stated, “No, because I would want to have a good life.”

Clooney, who is married to Amal Clooney and has 4-year-old twins, said he’d rather spend his time doing “the things I enjoy,” such as playing basketball.

“This year, I reached 60, and I had a discussion with my wife, and we were both working a lot, and I said, ‘We have to think of these as the halcyon years,’” he said Marr. “I’ll be 80 in 20 years, and that’s a serious number.” It doesn’t matter how much you exercise or eat, you’re 80, so I told them, “We have to make sure we appreciate and live these years to the fullest.”

“Not working would be a disappointment,” the Tender Bar director remarked, adding, “Instead of doing three jobs a year, I’ll do one.”

While Clooney’s job will not include campaigning — at least not for him — he couldn’t help himself from chiming in on politics. He defended President Joe Biden’s White House record and discussed the effect of former President Donald Trump throughout the conversation.

Clooney described a post-Trump America as “like taking a beaten kid and expecting everything to be OK on his first day of school.” “There are a lot of things that need to be fixed, a lot of healing that needs to take place, and it will take time.”

“It’s hilarious because he was just this knucklehead,” he remarked of the previous president. Before he became president, I knew him. He was simply a man looking for a lady. ‘What’s the name of that girl?’ he’d ask every time you went out. He was nothing more than that.”

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