Google Doodle celebrates the 93rd birth anniversary of famous and popular actor Shivaji Ganesan | by Anand Chandrabhanji Chandore | Oct, 2021

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Google today celebrated the birthday of Shivaji Ganesan is one of India’s best actor in India. He is also one of the most influential actor in the country. The eye-catching doodle is created by Nupur Rajesh Choksi, a guest artist from India.

Google is celebrating the 93rd birthday of Shivaji Ganesan in the form of doodle.

In 1928, on this day, Shivaji Ganesan was born as Ganesamoorthy at Villupuram in Tamil Nadu. He left home at the tender age of 7 and joined a theater group. There he began to play the role of children and women. He then started playing the lead role. In December 1945, Ganesan made a name for himself in the 17th century Indian playwright Shivaji. Ganesha conquered the whole world in acting so he was crowned as “Shivaji”.

He made his screen debut in 1952 with the film ‘Parashakti’. The first of his nearly 300 films came in a nearly five-decade filmy career. It was very valuable. He was famous for his expressive voice and diverse performances in Tamil language films. So Ganesan soon reached international fame.

In 1961, One of his most famous blockbusters was the trending film “Passmalar”. This film was based on an emotional and family story. The film is considered to be one of the crowning successes of Tamil cinema. Ganesan’s 100th film in 1964 was “Navratri” in which he played a record nine different roles.

In 1960, Ganesan starred in his historical film “Veerpandia Kattabomman” and became the first Indian actor to win the Best Actor award at the International Film Festival. Even today, this film is one of the biggest blockbusters in the world. He played some prestigious roles at the end of his career.

In 1997, the Dadasaheb Phalke Award was conferred on Ganesan which is India’s highest award in the field of film. Also in 1995, France awarded him the Chevalier Award of the highest decoration, the National Order of the Legion of Honor. In 1972, he is also awarded the Filmfare award for Best Actor. Today, his legacy is carried forward to the international audience through the performances of many contemporary Indian acting veterans. In which Ganesan is seen as the main inspiration.

Guest actress Nupur Choksi says about Shivaji Ganesha that “Shivaji Ganesha is a distinguished personality and well-known figure in Tamil and Indian cinema. This doodle really gave me a chance to delve deeper into the beautiful world created by their many roles. Although I didn’t grow up watching Ganesan’s films, I have been exploring some South Indian movies since I went to Bangalore and have been appreciating the film, so it came as a beautiful coincidence. It was an honor to pay a small tribute to a great artist through my work.

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