Google My Business: Strategies To Increase Your Customer Base | by Abhitha Ahilya | Sep, 2021

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Abhitha Ahilya

‘Google My Business’ profile is the most crucial aspect of managing and growing any local business. The first thing that any potential customer will come across when searching for a local business online is your Google My Business ranking. Irrespective of the nature of the business, local SEO Adelaide is a successful way of making your presence felt in the local community.

Generate or claim your Google My Business Profile

Generating your Google My Business (GMB) profile is an integral part of your local SEO Adelaide campaign. Google will help you through the process of building a profile. If your business is already listed, the most economic Digital marketing Adelaide strategy would be to claim your business on GMB and increase its visibility.

How to make your listing stand out

A good Google My Business rating should be part of an effective local SEO Adelaide campaign. To ensure that this results in success, you must find a way for your business to stand out. A good way would be to write a small description of your business on your Google My Business profile page. Be sure to provide information that is engaging and captures the essence of your business. Punching in the right keywords is the best way to drive search results.

Digital Marketing in Adelaide is unlike any traditional marketing method. When it comes to local businesses, it is sure to result in a high return on your investment. A strategic local SEO Adelaide approach will improve your business rating and ensure that your information reaches relevant local customers. You must:

● Update your information, including address, contact details, websites, etc.

● Update the business profile with regular google posts

● Include photos to generate interest

● Include the working hours of your business

● Provide accurate google map location

Customer Review and Rating

When searching for a business online, a good review and ranking will be critical factors that potential clients will consider. Encouraging happy customers to write a review can be tricky. The best way to solicit support can be by giving free service/ product or discounts to clients who review your business.

Responding on Google My Business

To build a relationship of faith with your customers, you should try to respond to the feedback that you receive. The reviews being read by your potential customers will both be positive as well as negative. Ensure that you address the negative reviews in the most professional manner and try to find a solution in each case. You must be pragmatic and humble in your approach. Hence, you will be able to generate reader interest even from the problematic reviews.

You must respond to any queries posted by the customers. With an honest and active interaction, your business will be viewed as trustworthy and reliable. You must check your listing regularly and continue to update your information.

Most local companies in Adelaide do not even claim their GMB listing. A good GMB presence could take your business to the top of local google search and increase your client base as well as visibility in the local market. Implementing an effective digital marketing strategy in Adelaide will help you secure a powerful client base and provide your business with a competitive edge over the others.

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