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Gordon Ramsay British Chef :

in presently Gordon Ramsay is a British cooker restaurateur pen and box
personality as a reality box personality Ramsay’s known for his fiery
temper strict bearing and frequent use of cusswords
he hourly insults competitors about their cooking capacities his caffs have
been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total and presently hold a sum of seven his
hand caff Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea London has held three Michelin
stars since 2001 Ramsay had go one of the best- known and most influential
cooks in the UK by 2004 these days he’s probably the most well- known cooker on the
globe that is cooked yes it’s that’s wrong yes it’s we ate this moment the
meat is stinking you right now are a walking liability you are bringing this
Rushton thousands his full name is
Gordon James Ramsay OBE he was born on November 8th 1966 in Johnstone Scotland
making him aged 53 at the time of this
he stands 6 basements1.4 altitude or 186 centimeters altitudinous Ramsey’s fame is
constructed upon his bourne of culinary perfection which is associated with
winning three Michelin stars his driller Marco Pierre White noted that he is
considerably competitive Ramsay’s ferocious temper is contributed to his media

appeal in both the United Kingdom and the United States where his programs are

produced Ramsay revealed that he exercises semi competitively for general

well- being as he is seen fat and unfit cookers collapse or get incapable to move fast around the kitchen he hourly competes an Iron Man marathons

and triathlons he also eats really little per feed

and prefers to graze throughout the day partly due to the habit he made up

as a judge and cooker and also because of his busy schedule he also has a black

belt in karate

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