How do vaccination mandates for healthcare workers affect disadvantaged patients? – SRISHTI GUPTA

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With the rise of third wave of Covid-19 ,Joe Biden announced a new reform making the vaccination mandatory for healthcare workers. This action caused mayhem among the healthcare authorities as they suffered huge shortage in their staff. Many workers chose to not get vaccinated and are therefore placed on unpaid leave, and can return once they are in compliance. With doctors ,nurses and other workers resigning several inpatient elective surgeries have to be postponed.

People who have received disparate health care over the years (like Black, LGBTQIA+ community) will suffer tremendously due to this mandate. Now, they will be deprived of the minimal medical care they used to receive.

Though the mandate was announced in the view of safety of the public, it will have huge negative impacts on the lives of people from every walk of life.

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