How to add SMS to your Marketing Funnel (A 2021 Guide) | by Wallen | Sep, 2021

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A marketing funnel is a classic way to grow text lists. Focusing on different levels makes it easier to understand how the number of followers can be increased, how engagement can be boosted, and how followers can be encouraged to take action. A marketing funnel seeks to target a large audience, intrigue them with a product or service and then urge them to take action like the purchase or subscribe to your service.

These stages have to do with how much the potential leads are aware of the company and the product or services that are being offered. Through this, it is possible to gauge how likely a lead is to make a purchase, and strategies or information can be used to influence their decision further.

Integrating SMS Marketing into The Stages of a Marketing Funnel


The discovery stage is the initial stage where potential customers find out about the product or services being offered. A high percentage of buyers start from digital channels of some kind which is why there are many benefits of using text messages to further widen the top of the marketing funnel. Anyone who receives a text message from the service will have the option to open any links straight from their phones and view the product or service.

These links and web pages should be updated and perfectly functional as this leads to better retention rates. An incomplete or error-ridden web page gives the business a bad look, which is not something that is needed at all. The focus should be on creating and raising awareness as the priority is to gain subscribers for the text list at this stage.

Follow these steps to build a digital presence and have better text outreach

· Regularly create and post on social media pages to gather a following by focusing on customers who are going to be more likely to subscribe to the text list.

· Having a website that is up to date is a huge plus point. The target audience can follow up on the products or services by visiting the website. Well-designed, functional websites are key in order to make maximum sales.

· Engage with the audience as much as possible. Keeping them in the loop shows dedication towards the target market.

· Get content designed and scheduled by a professional. If you do not have the appropriate experience required, a professional’s help is recommended as they know how to better market and schedule content to get engagement.

Having a good online presence can be good before you start text outreach. Once the online presence has been constructed a respectable following has been gained, the next step is getting actual subscribers.

Persuading someone to give up their phone numbers is not easy. The target market is likely to be more open to subscribing to the text list if they are already aware of the brand. An online presence reflects brand awareness and credibility, which helps that brand to create a decent reputation and instill trust amongst clients. People are more likely to subscribe to the text list of a known brand instead of giving up their number to a brand that they have not heard of before.


The consideration stage refers to those leads that have signed up for a subscription to the SMS updates. Once they have subscribed, information about products can be delivered frequently including details about any services or promotions. This could include sales and loyalty programs. At this stage, information about your customers and their preferences is also collected. This allows brands to develop further understanding and segmenting of the market. Through this, the clients’ preferences can be understood and the product can be marketed in a more effective manner. This is integral to understand the demands and preferences of the target market. This also helps the business to segment the market and see the age, gender, and other relevant details of the customers.

Once the market has been segmented, the focus should shift to the specifics. Understand what products and services are being offered and what the preferences of the market are. Each market is different and behaves differently. The more specific the targeting is, the more likely a brand would receive a positive response from the subscribers. Markets can be segmented according to location, preferences, age, gender or anything that makes sense, as long as it provides a better chance of making a sale. This process can also be automated to send regular and timely updates to all subscribers.


This stage involves the leads that are converted into a sale. Some leads at this stage could even be former customers who have already made a purchase before. These customers can be asked if they are happy with the products or services. Their response can be used to further pitch them new offers or work on what needs to be fixed and improve current services. It is important to have clear communication with the customers as this shows the brand’s dedication towards the clientele and the desire to improve the services offered. Offering special discounts to repeat customers is a good way to show them that their loyalty is appreciated.

At this stage, it is important to innovate and make the service unique. Think of unique selling points that set it apart from other brands. One such way to do that could be to offer a line for customer service where customers can make complaints regarding issues that they might be facing. Most people do not like to be put on hold for an extended period of time and a dedicated SMS line is a good alternative to that. Customers can be asked to provide their feedback via text as this feedback and reviews are essential for any business.

Incorporating content creation into marketing funnels

When it comes to content creation for marketing funnels, the best course of action is to be clear and concise. The message should be easy to understand with any products and offers to be clear to maximize legibility. Make sure the name of the brand is visible and that a compelling call to action is used.

Beating around the bush and adding unnecessary details can take attention away from the topic at hand. It can also be confusing and frustrating, which is why being to the point is important.

Measuring and tracking the metrics of your marketing funnel

It is important to measure and track success about how well the campaign has worked. In order to understand how successful the marketing was, there are a few factors that must be kept under consideration. There are a few things that can be used to evaluate how well the marketing campaign has performed. The conversion rate of the sales funnel can be monitored as well as the engagement rate to see how responsive the target market has been. The points of entry can also be observed alongside analyzing any specific stage to understand where there is space to improve.

The tracking, measurement, and identification of these indicators is fairly easy with a number of software programs providing the tools needed. Google Analytics is a good option as it offers funnel-tracking guides and is free.

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