How To Automate Social Media Posts | by Tushar Kanani | Oct, 2021

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Hello Friends

Today we are going to see how you can automate your posts on social media. Let’s say you want to publish a post on all your social media accounts, and instead of adding it one by one, you want to publish your posts on all social media accounts. At the same time, you can easily do this by automating your posts.

When you post any content in the tool it will automatically be posted to all social media accounts. so let’s get started.

I am a website learner from Brian, and let’s see how you can automate your posts on social media Now to automate your posts, we are going to take two steps. The first step is to create an account on Publr.

first step

So to create an account click on the link given at the bottom of this video, and it will take you to the publisher homepage. This is the tool we are going to use to automate our posts. Now click here, here, you can enter these details to create your account, or you can signup on one of these options. I am going to use my google account. So let’s click on Google, then select your account, which you are using for your social media As you can see, we have successfully created your account Once you have created your account, we can go to step two, which is to add our social media accounts to public. So add them, let’s click on Add Account, and then select the social media account you want to add. I’m going to select Facebook To add your Facebook account now, you must have a business page on Facebook. So if you don’t have a business page, you can watch this video and create one, click on the page now and enter your Facebook password here, then click on continue. And then click on Continue Yes, you will find all the pages of your Facebook account. Now select a page and click on Next, now select your Facebook account, and then click, go to Accounts. You can see that our Facebook account has been added. In the same way, you can add other social media accounts here. Now, if you want to add Instagram, you must have a business account on Instagram and it must be linked to the same Facebook account. Only then will you be able to add your Instagram account here. Once you have added the social media accounts, then next let’s create a post on Publisher.

second step

To create a post, click on Create and select the accounts in which you want to automate your posts. I’m going to select these accounts Once you’ve selected them, you can write something about your post here. You can also provide a hashtag if you want. I’m about to enter #trekking Now to add an image, just drag the image from your computer and drop it here. As you can see, the image has been added. So now we have created the post. Now, if we click on Post, your post will be instantly published on all these accounts. Now, instead of posting it right away, if you want to schedule your post, you can do so by going here. So if we click on Schedule, you can see that we have these options to schedule your post, you can choose any of these options to schedule your post. I am going to select manually. And here you can set the date and time to publish your post. Once this is done, if you click on Schedule, this post will get published on the scheduled date and time. Now when I am going to publish the post immediately, click on cancel and click on post. Now our post will be published on all our social media accounts. So to check this, let’s go to our Facebook account, here you can see that a post has been published. Now if we go to our Twitter account, you can see our post and it will also be posted on Instagram account.

So that’s it guys. In this way you can automate your posts on social media.

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