How to Change App Icon in Android Phone | How to Change Icons on Android Without Launcher | by Sameer Khan | Oct, 2021

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Sameer Khan

Hey, guys in this aritcle, I will tell you how to change app icon in android phone.

One of the main advantages offered by the Android operating system is undoubtedly the very high degree of customization. Among the numerous adaptable things are the symbol sets utilized by the framework. The icons are colored symbols, often square-shaped with rounded edges, sometimes instead with particular symbols that represent the software, which precisely identify the applications and games installed on our. Android cell phones and tablets according to a visual perspective. If you want How to Restore and Print Android Messages.

Obviously the icons were not born with Android , but they are exploited by all the most popular operating systems.

Precisely because of their strong presence also within the operating system designed and disseminated by Google, the user might like to replace the current style of the icons of applications and games with one more suited to their tastes, or that perhaps marries mostly with the graphic style imposed on the device interface thanks to particular backgrounds or launchers used.

It also often happens that smartphone manufacturers, such as Sony, Samsung or Huawei, use custom icon sets that may not actually appeal to the user of the device. So let’s see together how you can quickly change your set of icons using alternative launchers or instead keeping the basic launcher with which the device is equipped.

The quickest way to change the set of icons on your Android smartphones is to rely on a third-party launcher . We have already explained to you in another guide how to change the launcher on your device, you can find here the guide to How to change the launcher . If we were to recommend an alternative launcher of excellent quality with which not only to manage your icon sets, but also most of the elements of the system interface, the choice would certainly fall on Nova Launcher.You can attempt it free of charge by downloading it from the Play Store. If you want Why Should We not use Mobile for Long Time?

If you have downloaded and started Nova Launcher you will find yourself in front of a rather simple interface , with only a few icons on the home and the central button, the one with six black dots on two rows of three so to speak, which allows you to access the app drawer, the binder of your applications and games installed on the system. From this screen sorted alphabetically, you have to find the one with the Nova Launcher logo that says “ Settings …”. The three ellipsis hide the word Nova, practically by pressing it you access the Nova Settings , that is all the customization options of the alternative launcher.

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