How to get brands to notice you on Instagram | by Shehzeen Shahid | Oct, 2021

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Shehzeen Shahid

It’s no wonder Instagram is one of the most profitable websites for social media influencers, one average sponsored post can earn you more than 300 dollars, and being successful means you can earn up to $2500 for your single post. According to Statista Research Department

Influencer marketing’s popularity on Instagram is growing at such a rapid rate that the worldwide industry is anticipated to double in size from 1.3 billion dollars in 2018 to almost twice that amount by 2020. At the same time, the amount of brand-sponsored influencer postings on social media is anticipated to quadruple by 2020, topping six billion.”

It is no surprise that many want to become paid Instagram influencers, but the idea of getting sponsorships might seem a little distant and laughable to you. You are not professional posting pictures of your journeys around the world but simply about some of your daily carried out activities. But don’t worry you can be a lot more marketable than we can think and make a serious deal of money if we try.

So are you ready to move one step further and develop some serious money from your Instagram account? If you are, then I’m here to give you a one-way ticket for the brands to notice your posts and sponsor you!

Bring on the best of you:

Most obvious and sponsorship earning technique is to give the best of your content like a dish served on a gold platter. The brands will only notify you if you’re content is unique and up to their expectations. So whether your skills lie within your photography, styling, singing or, any other particular talent, go show off these skills in the best possible ways ladies and gentlemen!

Brands need to know why you are the perfect match for them; so forget about writing boring captions and copying images and ideas of others instead create something of your own that not only pleases your viewers but also attract the attention of companies that won’t hesitate to pay high amounts on Instagram.

Once you have built a perfect layout theme for your content Instagram brands are bound to fall in love with your work and they would follow you rather than you following them. Show them what makes you stand out to others and what makes YOU!

Stay positive, work hard, Dream big and enjoy the journey”

Pitching best brands:

The next step is to carefully analyze which brands can benefit you the most and you need to pitch them carefully. This is a very important step as authenticity is the key to maintain a healthy audience which would make the brand follows you. If you are accepting all sponsoring brands you are not fulfilling the social media contract with your loyal audience. Your audience loves and admires your content so you must choose sponsors that would not offend the feelings of your audience. You need to make a contract with those who would care and respect your terms of policies.

Here are some pro tips to help you pitch the perfect brands for you.

How to reach out to them: The number of brands you pitch depends on the time and creditability of your work. You simply need to contact them via email or DM. You need to search thoroughly if the brands you want to collaborate with are actively engaged in replying to comments or responding to the posts they are tagged in, this would make clear if they would reply to your DMs or not. Sending DMs would probably work or if they are not responsive check in their bio it would at least give you the right email address. Mostly sponsored companies have information written about them in their bios.

How often should you pitch them? Make a list of the companies you want to collaboration with takeout time to check which would benefit you the most. Add at least 30 of those to your marked list. Every week try to pitch 5–10 of them and follow them up quite often. The more actively you would reach out to them the more quickly they would recognize your content. It would give you a chance to start monetizing from it and allow you to grow at a faster rate. Don’t forget to follow up!

Collaboration with similar brands: Be sure to do your homework and try to find out brands that are in search of influencers. If you are a photographer search for brands that are in search of good photos. Your community would win you sponsorships so if you are an exceptional photographer and your audience admires your work and reaches out to you for recommendations make sure to tell this to your sponsors. Show your willingness and dedication to work and prove to them you were the one they were looking for!

Fan Following must be strong:

Brands will only reach out to you if your fan following is strong. Even well-known and established companies know the importance of influencers on social media.

They know the power of devoted fans of successful influencers that could give them a high rate of marketing success.

Collaborating with a well-known influencer would give them a heavy advantage and direct access to a large fan base. Not to mention it also saves the hassle for them to find the right kind of audience for their product as this task is already done by influencers. This is why a whopping amount of brands uses social media influencers as a source of their digital income.

Influencers certainly have the power to persuade their community. According to surveys the most credible source of doing digital marketing is through social media influencers.

I mean who wouldn’t enjoy having an impact on others’ life and influence them to make important decisions?

However, maintaining a loyal fan base is not a piece of cake for everyone. One needs patience hard work and quality content to reach out to people. Becoming an Instagram influencer is becoming difficult these days as more and more people are engaging themselves in this niche. Behind all this “glitz and glams” lies dedication and hard work.

“Earning and maintaining a loyal fan base is a task employing great dedication and hard work”

Authentic and eye-catching content is a key to win a large amount of fan following. Remember brands would only pursue you if you have a large and devoted fan base.

Hashtags must be an ace:

The hashtag game must be strong and an ace hidden in your sleeves. If you want to become a successful Instagram influencer with a whole load of brands collaborating with you, you need to speed up your game and get to know the smart use of the hashtags.

Figure out the trending hashtags in your niche and use them on your posts to track the audience that can relate to your niche but is not aware of you. It would help you to showcase your skills to entirely a new set of people.

Beware you should only use hashtags that align with your particular niche and not overdose your post with unnecessary and irrelevant hashtags, it would only cloud your post and deem it poorly operated.

To Sum Up the article:

It takes months of hard work before the results start to show up. Don’t be too hesitant and in a rush to have high expectations from the first week.

The main point is to find joy in your work and create unique content that would not only please you but also your community. You need to create an appealing image of yourself that is hard to reject.

Choose a niche and a platform that promotes your work well. Make sure that you have a close connection with your audience then and only then you can succeed in your work.

Your content would determine your success rate and one day your audience would seek out your recommendations.

This is all for today if you have any recommendations feel free to share with us.

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