How to get your dream Digital Marketing job? | by Semly Pro | Oct, 2021

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How to get your dream Digital Marketing job by Semly Pro

Most of the time when an employer is looking for an entry-level candidate on a job platform, they search for either an SEO candidate or SEM intern, or Social Media Specialist, but they rarely search for a Digital Marketing executive. Why?

Digital Marketing candidates can specialize in SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing.

So, if they expect a candidate to know all of these types of specialization based on a Digital Marketing certification course which they completed in 3 months of time, then it would be a big mistake.

If a candidate can focus on 1 thing, preferably SEO or SEM, or Social Media, then the probability of landing a job in that stream will become very easy.

Spend three months on learning one thing rather than learning everything.

Make your resume based on this specialization and I guarantee you that you will get a job easily even if you are a complete fresher.

Let’s raise the bar of Digital Marketing!

By Anil Varma

Founder, Semly Pro

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