How to Lose 20 Pounds of Fat in 30 Days! | by Amit sahu | Sep, 2021

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Lose 20 pounds: With these tips, you can do it — permanently!

Amit sahu
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Would you like to lose 20 pounds permanently and without exercise? In our great weight loss guide, we’ll tell you how you can lose 20 pounds in a month with a special diet plan.

It takes weeks to drop 20 pounds or more, and you must be able to maintain your weight loss. You need to develop a plan in order for this to function. Maintain continual motivation and seek out as much help as possible.
Anyone who wants to lose 20 pounds or more should follow the guidelines below and avoid crash diets at all costs. You may lose weight quickly at first and the pounds appear to fall off, but the dreaded yo-yo effect is almost certain to follow, and the pounds will return faster than you would want.

First, I’ll tell you how I dropped almost 20 pounds in the first eight weeks of my diet. This is the only plan, aside from the fairly severe Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, that has given me six-packs and veins throughout my belly, which is the last area I lose fat.
The nine basic guidelines I followed were as follows:

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Frustration eaters, too many sweets, eat out of boredom — there are a lot of different types of food. A food diary will help you to recognize bad habits and successfully combat them.

For a week, record exactly what you ate and how many calories you ate during the day. You will quickly recognize the weak points of your previous diet. Now it is time to change this.

The fewer calories a food has, the easier it is to eat your fill. Vegetables and fruits, which contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, are of course perfect.

Please access it here: These are the 50 healthiest foods!

These foods can be served several times a day with a clear conscience:

low-fat dairy products
Whole grain products (bread, pasta, oatmeal)

These foods can be on the table several times a week:

lean meat
lean fish

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Eat three to five healthy meals a day rather than snacking around the clock. Because the little things in-between usually bring a lot of calories with them. Instead of using unhealthy ready-made meals, you should also try to cook yourself more often. This way you know exactly which foods you are eating and how many calories you are consuming.

For example, you can prepare overnight oats for your breakfast the evening before. They taste particularly delicious with chia seeds and fresh fruits.

For lunch or dinner, a light meal with lots of vegetables, some fish or lean meat and potatoes is ideal.

Anyone who thinks they shouldn’t eat carbohydrates if they want to lose 20 pounds of weight is wrong. The only problem is the so-called “simple carbohydrates” found in light pasta, bread, rice, and other white flour products such as cakes or fast food.

There is nothing wrong with wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, or brown rice. Whole grain products are full of valuable minerals and fiber, have a positive effect on blood sugar levels, and keep you full for a long time.

Food for special moments

In order to gradually lose weight, it is necessary to cut down on a few foods — even if that is certainly difficult. Always remember: Everything is allowed, but these foods are not daily and only in small quantities:

ice cream
Chips, Flips & Co.
Fast food
high-fat cheeses and sausages (camembert, brie, salami, liver sausage)
high-sugar soft drinks

Most of the time, we are not even aware of how many hidden calories there can be in drinks. Coffee with sugar and milk, alcohol, juice, and soda are real calorie bombs. So it’s better to use water or unsweetened tea.

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In order to reach your dream weight, it is not enough just to change your diet. You should also do enough exercise. Exercise uses up calories, builds muscles, and makes you happy as it releases serotonin. Three good reasons to do endurance sports for 30 minutes or more on at least three days a week and work up a sweat.

Good sports are walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or the cross trainer in the gym, as well as an aerobics class that you can also attend online via Gymondo *. You should also do a few strengthening exercises for your stomach, legs, and bottom.

Do you prefer training at home, but are you lacking motivation on your own? Then the online fitness studio fitment * is just right for you! Let your personal trainer support, guide, and motivate you in an uncomplicated manner within your own four walls.

check out this video.

More movement can also be easily integrated into your everyday life. Be it that from now on you take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator or get on your bike to drive to work instead of getting in the car or train.

Anyone looking to lose 20 pounds or more is quickly intimidated by the sheer size of the number. After all, it has to take forever to reach the desired weight!

That is why it makes sense to forget about the number of kilograms that are at the end and instead concentrate on losing weight step by step. Silke Restemeyer from DGE: “You should only think about the next three to five kilos and celebrate the achievement as a success.”

I also warn against asking too much of yourself and your body. “It is quite natural that you cannot lose as much weight as you want. Often, after a weight loss of ten percent of your body weight, a weight loss plateau is reached, in other words, you can no longer go on.” In such cases, it is important to stay tuned and keep the weight loss so far. After a few weeks, you will be able to lose weight again.

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With the right incentive, losing weight almost works by itself. Each stage goal, i.e. reaching another five kilograms, should be rewarded with a little something that makes you happy. This can be a shopping trip, a visit to the cinema, or a wellness treatment.

Prohibitions and complete renunciation of favorite foods lead to notorious food cravings. In doing so, you usually don’t just throw all your resolutions overboard for one meal, but often lose all motivation. So don’t forbid anything. Rather, make sure that you only eat unhealthy foods in moderation. If we impose strict bans on ourselves and do without whole food groups, i.e. macros such as fat, carbohydrates, or proteins, as some diets propose, this cannot work in the long term. As mentioned, it is better to change your diet in order to learn to use the right amount and to give the body everything it needs.

For example, if your best friend’s birthday is, you can always eat a piece of cake or go out for a fancy meal with friends or drink a cocktail when you go out. The next day, they take a closer look at the food — then it’s okay.

This is what I did to lose my body fat and I am so happy to have accomplished my weight loss goal.

An active lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercises is still the best way to stay fit and to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

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