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In social networks, a bad comment can break the good image of your company or product. Know the 12
Changes in Social Media Management are generated every minute, what today is a successful strategy in a week is good advice. Mistakes are made in minutes and consequences are administered every second.
Don’t let your Social Media Management cause you problems, know the most common mistakes and avoid them. To do this, the Hub Spot blog presents seven negative aspects of social media marketing.
1. Focus on the numbers
Many people see social networks as a way to hook more people quickly, it is true, information on social media moves fast; however, this often happens at the expense of withdrawal from personal relationships.
Marketing experts can enrich the relationship with their customers in many ways and get immediate feedback, they still do not personalize communications for the benefit of the organization’s customers.
A lot of business content on social networks redirects attention to other channels and does not standardize it towards the interests of customers who search for them on social networks.
2. Measure the results wrongly
A fan or a follower is not the goal of the business. Social media have caused marketers to pursue goals that do not impact the company.
The reason for one of the biggest discussions around social media is the measurement of return on investment (ROI) that has often been done with the wrong standards.
So when you want to measure the results of your social media strategy, choose real factors, such as the number of new users or the number of positive comments from a campaign.
3. Use more time than it takes
One of the most common misconceptions is thinking that using social media is free. Many tools are inexpensive or very low but require a high investment of time to learn how to use them. Time is not free.
Many marketing departments have come to overload or deceive those involved in social networks because they have underestimated the time it takes to learn and implement.
4. Prevent others from tampering with social accounts
Social media should catalyze integration; however, they have caused deep silos in many organizations. Rather than becoming a key component of every department within a company, social media is now another element under the sole command of the marketing department.
5. Have your account labeled as Spam
Social media has reduced the cost of sharing information with others to practically zero. This happens because the information that is currently shared is very simple, the web is continuously receiving data, which increases its size and classifies it as irrelevant or spam. All this noise makes it more complex to reach your target customers and deliver a resonant message.
6. Focus resources on social networks
Now that online communications have become so easy and scalable, many heads of the marketing department lose the goal to the detriment of the objectives of the area. This means that instead of having the right mix of online and offline marketing activities, some marketers are placing most or all of their attention online.
Although this is a fundamental means, you should not forget to carry out activities that allow you to market with better results and maintain better relationships with customers. For More Information Visit Us at iTechleadz Digital Marketing Agency.

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