How to Use Social Listening to Succeed In Hotel Reputation Management | by Mentionlytics | Sep, 2021

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In the hospitality world, customer happiness depends prominently on the hotel’s ambiance, service, and support. However, in an online world, social media marketing and social media monitoring plays an integral role in engaging customers and building their connection with the brand. On one side, social networking sites help customers comprehend the brand, whereas, on the other side, they become a medium for customers to express their happiness or grief. And in case a hotel doesn’t pay heed to these comments or not get notified about them in the first place, the hotel’s reputation can be in jeopardy. To understand it better, let’s dive deep into the importance of hotel reputation management.

Hotel Reputation Management means to shield your organization from all the negativity that might come your way. Parallelly, it also means emphasizing customer engagement and building brand awareness by getting involved in the conversations happening in your industry. Hence, there are two aspects to focus on whilst working on reputation management:

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