I Just Heard Corinne Bailey Rae For The First Time | by Charles Osborne Jr. | Oct, 2021

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I remember the first day I heard Put Your Records On. I was at the dentist’s office. I sat there, watching the TV screen, whilst trying not to come off as awkward as I felt on the inside, at the time.

Just for clarity, I wasn’t feeling awkward because the song was playing and I looked like a drunken goofball attempting to dance to it.

This awkward feeling had to do with my fear of going to the dentist.

Regardless of my fear, I jammed away and didn’t give a single red cent about anyone judging me. It was the highlight of my entire dentist visit. Looking back on it, I understand why.

When I got home, I decided to do what any millennial would do after they’d just heard a song they liked at their local dental office.

I looked it up on YouTube, of course.

Afterwhich, the song stayed on repeat while I commenced doing my daily day-to-day tasks.

Then, I started listening to more of her work, and I couldn’t help but think, “wow, you know. Corinne is pretty underrated.”

Some will probably argue that she is in fact NOT underrated and I’m okay with that.

Her self-titled, debut album is certified 3x platinum by the BPI. She’s won multiple awards over the years, including a Grammy in 2008. I’m writing about her this very moment and considering the fact that I live under a rock, that must mean something, right?

Still, the dictionary definition of underrated is stated to mean not related or valued highly enough. The keyword here is enough.

Well, I guess a Corinne Bailey Rae article about her being underrated is an entirely different story.

To wrap things up, I heard Corinne for the first time at a dental office. She managed to make what would‘ve been a very dreadful experience a positive one.

I guess that’s the power of music.

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