In what cases should soft, medium and hard toothbrushes be used? | by Tirus_Wellness | Oct, 2021

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The American Dental Association recommends always choosing brushes with soft bristles.

The National Health Service of Great Britain — with medium stiffness of the bristles. They are convenient to clean the tongue and inaccessible places near the edges of the gums, so that bacteria do not accumulate in the mouth and caries does not occur.

A hard brush can be used to clean dentures — this is the case when it can be useful.

For electric brushes, the recommendations are the same: it is better to use replaceable nozzles with medium or soft bristles.In any case, it is better to use a soft brush or an option of medium hardness.

But some people choose a hard toothbrush. Perhaps they think that such a brush cleans better and can remove plaque, but this has not been proven.

Hard toothbrushes injure the gums, can damage the sides of the teeth and enamel. If you use a brush with stiff bristles all the time, it increases the sensitivity of the teeth ❗️

It doesn’t matter which brush you choose, soft or with medium bristles, it needs to be changed every 3–4 months or more often if the bristles are noticeably frayed.

🚫 When the bristles wear out, the cleaning efficiency decreases.

Rinse the brush after each use to remove paste residue and food particles;
– Store in an upright position so that the brush dries in the air. If you store a wet toothbrush in a closed container, it promotes the growth of microbes.

❌ You cannot use the same toothbrush with someone else. This can lead to the exchange of body fluids and microorganisms between people.

Do not forget to use vitamins, especially calcium, to protect your teeth.

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