Instagram Announced that 3–5 Hashtags are Ideal- and We Are Pissed! | by Sarah Kim Tulen | Sep, 2021

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Sarah Kim Tulen

Instagram and Facebook have always been draped in illusion. As the owner of Communaholics Digital Agency, I have accepted this as truth for years now.

They don’t have direct live helplines available to the general public, so if you have a problem or a question… you’re kind of screwed! Or at least you are left to the hear-say of online forums and digital “gurus.”

But something has shifted on Instagram. Recently they have been showing their cards to the public.

First, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, went live and revealed the answer to a question that has been long debated in the digital marketing community, “Where is the best place to put your hashtags?”

This question has been tossed back and forth, but in recent years “hiding” one’s Instagram hashtags in the comment section has been a popular practice of social managers and content creators around the globe.

Primarily this is because many of us decided that it didn’t matter where the hashtags were. Regardless they would end up under the tag and ultimately expand your post’s reach.

Well, all that went down the toilet when Mosseri revealed that hashtags are most beneficial when placed in the caption of a post — as doing this works with Instagram’s newer advanced search features.

Digital marketers were happy to finally have an answer to this long-debated question.

Digital marketers were less happy this past week when Instagram’s @Creators account revealed that using 3–5 hashtags was ideal for growing accounts.

This news has left those in the digital marketing and content creation space feeling confused and quite frankly tired because suddenly, the method of using as many hashtags as you need, so long they are relevant to your content, has been thrown to the curb.

Now we are being asked to cram our content into a small 3–5 hashtag-sized box.

Since the release of this news, I have tried out this 3–5 hashtag technique on all of my clients. The results this strategy has yielded have, so far, been less than favorable.

So social media managers, digital marketers, content creators, influencers, and business owners, what do you think of this?

I challenge you to try Instagram’s newly released method for one week and let me know your results. Tag my agency’s Instagram account @Communaholics to be featured on my page!

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