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Nocturnal Omissions is an ever-evolving independent experimental electronic solo project conceived by DJ Vallen in 2002. In his youth he learned to play Piano, Bass, French Horn, Drums and was a classically trained singer. For. A while he produced photographs, poems and art under Pseudonyms to keep his anonymity. In the late 90s, he started producing electronic music in tracker formats, a remixes of others musician works between 1995–2002 under numerous pseudonyms and band names which were later co-opted by other artist. As an independent music artist they were briefly popular on MySpace in 2002–2006 and this was when much of his time was spent most his time playing in locally forgotten punk, rock and metal bands in the greater New York Metro. Before he became the keyboardist on (No More Nations/Musharaka)a collaborative punk project from 2006–2016 in San Francisco. He then returned to the studio to work on some electronic, chillwave, lo-fi trip-hop, pock-rock CDs and ended up producing 3 albums between moves for work between NYC, San Francisco, Seattle and Boston. In 2021, they re-released two old albums and three new albums (originally SoundCloud exclusives).

In 2018, they signed on and formed Hashbang Entertainment Studios to re-release of all their internet-only albums after moving to Seattle. Due to the pandemic, this album wasn’t released until mid-2020 after they moved to greater NYC/Boston Metros (remastered and released on 6–6–2021).

I was heavily influenced by a diet of EBM, Industrial Rock, Darkwave, Progressive Trance, Psybent, Ambient Rock, Chillwave, Hauntology, Minimal Techno, Synthwave, and Post-Rock. Inspired by Artist like Tycho, Covenant, VNV Nation, Mesh, Depeche Mode, NMN (Mushraka), The Cure, TigerMilk (mainline entertainment), Mick Rippon (never meet your heroes, who snubbed me), Moby, Wolfsheim, Apoptygma Berzerk, The Beatles, Genesis, Trent Reznor, and Mike Patton.

As a kid, I learned to play Piano, Bass, Drums, French Horn mostly in school band with some extra practice that I paid for with money I made. After that it was all learning from trial by error, I picked up book on music theory watched videos, learned how to program in track formats in the late 90s, picked up FruityLoops, Alberton, Cubase, Reason, Protools, and other software skills by reading online material. All of this was on my own, by my own motivation, and without the support of friends or family.

The cost of equipment and software though was incredibly expensive, so it was acquired over time, and attributed to some of the delays between releases. To be honest, that and the collaborative project NMN (No More Nations) that I worked on for ten years without it being released was also another huge factor to why there’s a big gap between releases on Nocturnal Omissions.

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