Is it the Right Time to Hire an SEO Company for your Business? | by Brainwork India | Oct, 2021

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SEO services are the need of today and every organization needs them to grow their business. But not everyone can perfect it. So how can you decide if this is the right time to hire a Digital Marketing Agency? Read the article to learn the 5 signs that it is high time to hire one of the best SEO companies in Delhi for your professional SEO services.

1. You are falling behind the Competition

A good SEO strategy not just talks about the basic on-page SEO but is also about ranking on the top searches on Google. You need to understand the search engine process to move ahead of your competition. You also need to understand the strategies used by your competitors. For this, you need to do a thorough competitor research, analyse their SEO strategy and improve on it. Doing this will require a lot of expertise. If you are falling behind your competitors, then hiring one of the digital marketing agencies can help you gain an edge over them.

The main objective is to establish yourself in your niche, and a digital marketing agency can help you achieve this.

Here are the things an agency can do for you:

· Curate an SEO Strategy for your business

· Conduct Competitor analysis

· Keep you well-informed about the latest trends

· Monthly SEO reports

· Help you know if it’s worth it to optimize your content

2. Wasting time with Basic SEO

If you are a business owner and are taking out time to do basic SEO instead of assigning the task to SEO professionals with relevant experience, then you are doing it wrong. You’re wasting valuable time on something that you probably aren’t even proficient in. Unfortunately, doing basic SEO will not help you rank in search engines.

Hiring an SEO agency can help. Here are some of its benefits:

· Help you save a lot of time.

· With an agency comes a team of SEO professionals who will work to meet your business requirements and execute digital marketing strategies for you.

3. Your in-house Strategy Fails

If your keywords are not fetching results, then it means that your in-house SEO strategy is failing. If you are not seeing any increase in traffic, then take it as a warning that you need professional help. To reap the benefits of an effective search engine optimization strategy, it is best to go for marketing agencies with proven experience in delivering SEO Success. SEO is a big commitment. Therefore, if you are investing money then invest it in the right digital marketing services as they would have rich expertise in doing SEO for diverse verticals and resources to help you with your SEO Requirements. Furthermore, SEO agency professionals are keyword experts and have a strong command over it. They can identify the right keywords and help you rank for them.

4. You are not Proficient in On-page and Off-page SEO

SEO is an ongoing process. You cannot just optimize one page and leave out everything else. Simply optimizing your page is not enough. You need to push for and engage in off-page SEO practices as well.

Some of the off-page SEO activities that you can do are:

· Social media sharing of your blog posts or website to drive traffic.

· Inserting backlinks to rank your content

· Engaging in various content marketing activities like guest posting, Quora, etc

5. You don’t know how local SEO works

Local SEO is the exercise of improving your website content for local search results. Many people who do a product search end up calling or visiting a business that appears on top of the search result. This means that if you optimize your product or service page for local keywords and rank for them, you have a high chance of converting your website visitors.


In simple words, if your business is not hitting local keywords, you will not be able to appear in top local searches. In other words, you won’t be able to reach and target your customers. So if you don’t understand the concept of Local SEO, how it works, and how to best pull it; it is perhaps high time to hire the services of Brainwork Technologies, renowned social media marketing agency in Delhi. We are your one-stop solution for online services, offering a far-reaching and influential portfolio of web designing, web development, content writing and more. We have outgrown our expectations owing to our dedication to pursue quality and regularly evolving practices to stay well-informed of changing technologies and meeting client’s expectations.

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