Is Marketing just selling or more than that? [DDIP week 2 Assignment] | by Ritika yadav | Sep, 2021

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Ritika yadav

In this week I have learned a lot of new things that I was unaware of initially. This week is all about the basic foundations of Marketing.

There are some of the most important topics which are covered in 2nd week –

  1. Marketing Fundamentals

Deepak sir has done a great job of explaining it. As he says, in digital advertising, many people just focus on its digital content, where they forget that the basics of marketing are the same and only the content is digital. Many people (including me) just put their efforts into marketing, social media, etc. but forget that marketing is much more than that.

Marketing starts with understanding the needs of the consumer while developing a product and involves sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Marketing involves customer perceptions, creating an idea for our product, creating a positive product, building trust and customer engagement even when marketing is happening. I have honestly learned that in order to be a great digital marketer, one needs to understand marketing first. Without basic marketing knowledge, it is very difficult to market and sells anywhere in the industry or niche.

2. Difference between Traditional and Digital Branding

There are two types of medium for doing marketing.

Traditional Marketing Medium: — There is a lot of traditional marketing medium which contribute in the advertisement revenue in India.

TV Ads:- In India, TV contributes a 45 percent portion to the total advertising revenue. TV ads can reach millions at a low cost.

Print Ads:- In India, Print ads have a 15 percent portion of the total advertising revenue.

Radio Ads:- In India, Radio ads have a 5 percent portion of the total advertising revenue.

Digital Marketing:- Digital marketing is also a part of marketing to promote products and services by using digital platforms such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and digital media.

In India, Digital Marketing ads have a 35 percent portion of the total advertising revenue. A report says that fast-moving consumer goods, e-commerce, auto, telecom, retail, and durables will be growth drivers of ad spends in 2021. In, India, the Digital marketing industry is estimated to grow by 20% in 2021.

3. CATT Marketing Funnel

In his video on the Marketing Fundamentals, Deepak talks about CATT marketing funnel. This is what he says that:

Wealth = n^CATT
Where n — niche
C — content
A — attention/traffic(using SEO, SEM, paid ads, SM, referrals, emails)
T — trust(using tripwires, marketing automation, retargeting)
T — transaction(convert leads into customers using natural sales)

The CATT funnel is the best way to convert your cold customer into paid customers. I have learned how we can use the content to drive customers to our products and services, build good trust with customers and eventually capitalize on them.

This is the way how to select your right niche. The combination of Talent, Market, and Passion is your niche.

a) Passion — First we need to find our passion.

b) Talent — Our talent should be like our passion.

c) Market — We need to do research to select a good niche.

4. Integrated Digital Marketing

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