Life at CMKL #2: Entertainment | Technology | by Techin Supapol | Oct, 2021

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Fundamentals of Creative Innovation | Week 3–4

Techin Supapol

Week #3 (25 Sep — 1 Oct 21) — Entertainment Technology

I know what “Entertainment” means
I know what “Technology” means..
But “Entertainment Technology” is a word that I’ve never heard before

After watching Museum Thailand Awards 2021 last week, I learned about Entertainment Technology in Fundamentals of Creative Innovation class this week. Even if Entertainment Technology is the new word for me, My professor explained it by using museums from different countries, so it’s easy to understand. Then, they talked about Interactivity that is related to the change of customer behavior.


Nowadays, observing only is not enough for customers or visitors. Every brand wants to give consumers a new experience. So, Digital Technology and Entertainment are the keys to enhancing customer expectations, for example, sensors, AI, or immersive technology. After connecting the dots from last week with Entertainment Technology, they taught why Technology, Creative, and Business must work together to create a value chain.

From this class, I know why entertainment with technology can give consumers a Wow experience. Moreover, the Building Virtual Worlds class taught me to use AR as technology in entertainment like movies. And give us time to prepare an AR movie for next week’s event.

Apart from these classes, I’ve learned how to write a Smart Contract from the Introduction to Blockchain class. And how to make money plan for business in Entrepreneurial Financing and Investing class.

Week #4 (2 Oct — 8 Oct 21) —First Entertainment Technology Project

The biggest challenge of this week is Building Virtual Worlds’ AR Film Festival, an event that shows movies made by students from Building Virtual Worlds class. Every group creates such a great and also hilarious film. After our first group assignment passed, the Entrepreneurial Financing and Investing class taught us about risks and the category of risk, which is essential for business managing.

Building Virtual Worlds’ AR Film Festival Poster

In the Fundamental of Creative Innovation class, a professor mentioned that an AR Film Festival is a good example of Entertainment Technology. And professor gave us more examples with Experiential Marketing Trends and discussed how to connect it with Entertainment Technology with the class. After that, they taught about Interaction Design and gave us a group assignment about the idea of creating a new experience for consumers.

And this week, I’ve read The Thailand Digital Transformation Survey Report 2020 from Deloitte and found that Thai companies should speed up their digital transformation. This report gives me in-depth information and insight, such as perspective on the impact of digital disruption, measuring transformation in Global and Thailand, and insight about skill gap and technology nowadays. In my opinion, Thai industries should know about how digital disruption and transform their business into digital ways. Data Scientist skills are more important in various industries because many things can be analyzed with data. Moreover, the Thai government should develop the digital business environment, especially reform education systems.

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