LIFE at CMKL Ep 3: Entertainment Technology | by Chayanis Tuntearapong | Oct, 2021

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When we heard about entertainment technology. Think about Motion Graphic on TV Show, 3D Animation or Green Screen in the news channel. Entertainment Technology are more than that.

Let’s see, today I will explain What is Entertainment Technology? How it works?, and Why Entertainment Technology are important ?

Enterainment Technology is the discipline of using manufactured or created components to enhance or make possible any sort of entertainment experience.

— Wikipedia

Entertainment Technology has a very long history since entertainment is around our life. But nowadays Entertainment Technology are developed to connect between Online and Offline. Help Audiences gaining more experience in the Museum. even Artist using Technology to create their masterpiece

Entertainment Technology includes three components which are Creative, Technology and Business. Working together. please read more detail in my previous article from Life at CMKL EP 1 Innovation = Creative + Technology + Business

I could say that Entertainment Technology is a big subject. Which include many technology, however, I will give a few examples (base on to make sure that you see how it works?

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Extend Reality (XR) are trending now in the world. But for Thailand AR, VR and XR still in Early Adopter Group. Right now we can see AR from Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok filter also. VR that right now still worked with a quite expensive headset (17,000 Baht — 100,000 ++ Baht) you will see from many games on stream that sell VR Game for now and XR (Extend Reality) that really work for Virtual Concert. I will show some Thai concert that used XR and Streaming and make Concert more excited

2.Projector mapping with Art installation

You might think about Projector that can use only for presentation, I think about this also hahahaha. Honestly I really feel surprise that Thailand use projector mapping for so long. even now we can used for design our art Installation with AR — Projector also.

because from technology in real-life. we can see Entertainment Technology most. we can feel and experience it. That’s really related to our emotion, Learning Style and the way that we entertained ourselves also. from my perspective, we can learn more from those experience also.

Finally, We see What’s Entertainment Technology ? , How it works ? and why are important ? please see next time what I reflected more from My CMKL’s life

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