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In 1997, IBM rocked the technology world when their artificial intelligence, machine learning supercomputer Deep Blue defeated the chess World Champion.

Some experts believed this was a turning point. Artificial intelligence had eclipsed human intelligence, and the most advanced technology would always win.

But then in 2005, a chess website held an online tournament inviting participants to use artificial intelligence. Quartz + Deloitte explain what happened next:

“Even the most advanced chess computers fell easily to a human player with an average laptop. In the end, the winner was not the best chess player using the best machine, but two chess amateurs who were particularly skilled at coaching their three computers to find ways to defeat opponents.

Success, it turned out, lay not in man or machine alone, but in the hands of individuals who best knew how to optimize the abilities of technology towards a desired end.”

That’s why Unearth has a team dedicated to guiding our machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Our Research Analysts personally vet the ~2,000 individuals in each Atlas Influence Targeting audience, validating that including them will further our clients’ goals.


Let’s talk about how Unearth can put our machine intelligence and human intelligence to work for you.

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