Make Money Online: A Harsh Reality | by Chris Dickson | Oct, 2021

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Make Money Online: A Harsh Reality

Chances are you have watched several YouTube videos about making money online. These gurus claim you can make money online quickly. The majority of them make money by making videos like these. They don’t tell you the truth. Making money online can be extremely difficult. It is also not easy to make money fast. Millions have wasted their money buying useless programs and courses. People with high expectations just got disappointed in the end. If you are reading this post, i have a positive note for you

It’s possible to make real money online.

It takes TIME and dedication. You must first have a different mindset when choosing which business to start. This is not what videos teachers will tell you. It is your mindset that determines whether you succeed or fail. You will face challenges and setbacks. You will go weeks without selling products. You will lose money on online advertisements… It is all part of the entrepreneur’s life. Stay with the learning curves and you will succeed. Connect with successful entrepreneurs and learn from them. To make serious money online, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1 : Use Digital Marketing : Digital marketing is the marketing of goods and services through digital technologies. With the internet’s powerful data, online entrepreneurs know which products or services are high selling items. Which website ( has thousands of monthly visitors. There is no need to guess…

Step 2: Establish a social media presence: Your success depends on your ability to have a social media platform. Register a free account on Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook-Group and TikTok. These platforms receive millions of visitors every day.

Step 3: Make money with Affiliate Marketing: This is by far, the best business model for beginners to succeed online. Affiliate marketers sell other people’s products and receive commissions. No inventory/no shipping/no customer service/no payment process set up…Just promote and earn. Register to or

Location is the most important factor when it comes to real estate. Promotion is king when it comes to online Business. You need to drive a lot of traffic to your website/Link to attract customers. As a bonus tip for reading this entire article, here’s the best way to promote your online business. It is your mindset that determines whether you succeed or fail.

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