Marketing 101: Humanizing social media | by SoulverZ | Jul, 2021

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Marketing 101: Humanizing social media

How many times have you tried to get in touch with a brand on their website and got no reply?

What’s the alternative action you will take?

Will you reach them on their Social Media accounts? I will because there is more often a human being using those social media accounts.

Social Media platforms are something that you can count for.

You learn that often your messages will not go in vain.

As a communicator or a marketer, your social media strategy must be a leading priority, especially now.

Here’s another take on it.

Never has this country been so polarized,

Social media has never become such a weapon.

People have never been so open to speaking their minds and blasting other people and brands on social media.

Since it’s already minimum requirements that your brand has a social presence,

How do you invite customers to interact and be transparent and create a welcoming space to get people to engage with you productively?

Here are a few points to look at when developing your social media strategy as the world reopens.

1. Is your handle human?

  • Are you paying attention to what’s happening in the world and acknowledging it?
  • Is your social media queued up on Hootsuite?

2. If people are asking questions on social media,

  • How are you responding? With compassion or like a robot?

3. Are you providing resources to meet your customer’s needs and what they’ve been dealing with?

  • How can your company, product, or service help them?

The idea of being authentic on social media and tapping into the psyche of your customer is not new.

However, right now, it’s more important than ever.

People want to connect.

So your social media must show that you want to as well.

Extracted from: Marketing 101: The new way to define a message in the Pandemic.

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