Marketing — A Lucrative Art or Science? | by Harsh Pardikar | Oct, 2021

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A brand is something that has a clear-cut identity among consumers, which a company creates by sending out a clear, consistent message over a period of years until it achieves a critical mass of marketing. The thing is, once you hit the critical mass, you can’t push it much further. Otherwise the meaning gets fuzzy and confused, and before long, the brand is on the way out. Therefore, a brand must be dynamic enough with the trend and its target base to maintain the position in the minds of the customers. It is all about building trust with your customers and retaining them for life. Although Amazon is still identified as a trust-worthy reliable E-commerce by many, its true existence somehow got lost and fuzzy in the minds of its customers.

Marketing at its core is very dynamic and provides great amount of flexibility to the marketer to do their magic leaving a lot of scope for creativity.

Traditional Method of Marketing includes anything from a TV Commercial or a huge billboard to a small column in Newspaper or a magazine. They are generally ideal to target a wide set of audience to advertise a generic product such as a phone, at a very low cost but are only restricted to local audiences only. Statistically, In India about 197million homes out of 298million homes have television, with an average of 4–5 members each household. Therefore about, 800 million to 1 billion people can be reached by brands via television ads in India alone. Also, Radio has 65% reach among Indian Population and Newspapers have 465million readers. But reaching out to such a huge population is expensive for any brand. And this is where digital Marketing comes to play. As long as Technology is evolving, Digital Marketing continues to grow. Digital marketing includes social media Advertising, websites, banner ads and even YouTube videos.

Digital marketing is quite similar to traditional marketing but is carried out on digital platforms. Online marketing is a form of inbound marketing, and its main aim is for customers to find you. Digital Marketing is one the best way to reach affluent English Speaking population with money spending capacity, that is about 100 million people in India. This section can be targeted specifically keeping in mind the product company is offering and what the audience requires. They can be targeted via tailor made campaigns that would be extremely cost effective as well. But, the main question is, “Will showing customized ads to customers over the internet be enough to gather their attention or would it make them fuzzy or confused in the long run?” In my personal opinion, throwing ads on people to buy your product is as bad as it sounds. It hampers the perceived value of your brand and make it sound ordinary among the other companies. Ad campaigns main purpose is usually to sell product but they may not be able to form a bond between them and their customers. They need something to connect with. Like you are friends, sharing memes. Talking about it, what better than memes. It is not only restricted to the Digital Space. Yes, I am talking about memes, companies actually do it in the traditional manner but only cooler.

Integration of Meme Marketing with Traditional Marketing

From food delivery company such as Zomato to OTT Platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, hundreds of companies have turned to meme marketing in order to level up their marketing. And why not? It’s way more engaging than any ad that brand feed down audience’s throat only for them to press “SKIP Ad” asap. If Society is consuming memes, and brands are built by society, then why are brand not doing meme marketing? Reportedly, such giant companies pays quite well to fresh interns around 21–27 year old only to consume memes and understand them.

Did you know that millennials spend over 200 minutes online every day? Memes are so prolific that there’s a good chance millennials and Gen Zers are laughing at and sharing memes while online. This gives brands plenty of opportunities to engage with their audience. — Aiden Cole on Meme Marketing

Due to the vastness of the internet, there are a lot of memes that some people might find amusing, but others might not. Understanding your audience is crucial to picking a meme that can be reproduced and has cultural significance.

Having such an approach with either of the means of marketing whether Digital or Traditional will for sure result in positive outcomes.

The CATT Framework is one of a kind model that helps a brand go on a journey from gaining the awareness from the audience to making them customers to generate revenue in exchange of the services or products offered to generate wealth. The CATT Formula is:-

Wealth = n^CATT

[n] Niche = Niche is where a company can recognize a problem and choose to offer a solution. Niche is generally a hungry market where people are willing to spend in order to get certain things in exchange. A company needs to go narrow in the niche and target the sub-category to actually able to connect to someone. Going wide will only be costly and won’t be ideal.

Image Source: Digital Deepak

[C] Content =Content must be created mandatorily in order to attract the audience. Content will act as the proposal of what you are offering in the market and why you should be trusted.

[A] Attention =The content has to be catchy enough that it comes to the audience attention. Their attention could be garnered by using methods such SEO, Social Media, etc

[T] Trust = The content has to be trust worthy enough to grab a place in the minds of the targeted audience. Trust can be built with Trip wires, Marketing Automation and Retargeting.

[T] Transaction =Then comes the final part, To convert those leads into customer into Customers.

Digital Media Marketing is a vast concept. It’s not just about using Google Ads or Facebook Ads to get sales for your product. It has many levels involved before good amount of sale is made.

Many people believe that if they do content marketing, it would be enough for them to garner sales. But, the content is usually not enough for the people to fully trust on the product or service. Therefore, just one means of marketing rarely helps reach more and more number of audience and hence less return in sales. Although, It is true that at the heart of integrated digital marketing, quality content drives the entire process, but that is only when it is integrated with the other ingredients of Digital Media Marketing.

For starters, the best is to ask for their attention and not for the payment. So Paid Advertising can be used to bring them to your E-mail list where they get to know more about you, your product. This is someplace, where the brand can strengthen its bond with the Customer. Or you can use, Paid Advertising to get them to the content instead of the final product and then you can amplify it with SEO or Social Media to garner attention and trust as discussed in previous section and that can help in converting the lead to a Sale.

Sticking to only one of this medium would only restrict your possibility of growth. One has to take an extra step to reach an extra mile.

Now, Time for the Truth. The market is saturated with a lot of talented marketers with a lot of decorated college degree. Despite their qualification, they may not be the first choice of the people looking for the service they provide. Because the popular always beats the best. Having a name in the market for a certain field of work puts you many steps ahead of those who have been in the field for years yet are known by little. Also, people keen on taking advices from people rather than brands so reaching out to a company for some service comes second after reaching out to a person who can make that happen. Although, a personal brand is something that cannot be invested in as it is a person but they can for sure give rise to many companies with their influence they have in the market

How to evolve as a Personal Brand?

Evolving into a version of yourself that has a recognition of its own in the public and is approachable requires you to be a high quality person, with knowledge and the skillset that could be of use to someone looking for those skills.

MassTrust BluePrint by Digital Deepak

Learn: Acquire Skills through Concept Facts and Procedures. Remember the Facts and Practice the Procedures.

Work: Go from Practice to Implementation. Work will give you a better understanding.

Blog: Write what you have learned and experienced through your work. What you write, you understand better and blogging it will help you stay committed. Your Personal Brand forms here when people learn from those experiences.

Consult: Start consulting people, instead of working from them to gain the position of authority.

Mentor: Mentoring or teaching people brings your skills and understanding of the subject to a whole new level.

Startup: Start your own product or service business on the basis of your understanding that you have developed in this cycle of learning to mentoring.

This is a circle of evolving as a personal brand, this cycle never stops. As a Brand, your focus should be on learning, growing and providing.

Marketing is a complex field that helps connect a brand to its customer and keep them emotionally connected to for life. This has to be done in a scientific approach but that alone can get a little old-fashioned and the affect may wear off unless it is done creatively and repeatedly over a period of time.

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